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Essay Instructions: Write a 4 page research paper addressing only the questions below. Divide the four pages among the 5 questions as needed to create a cogent reply utilizing the background information below and 4 outside references. No introduction or conclusion sections needed.
1.Discuss the way vision was used at Mentor Graphics.
2.Evaluate whether the vision strengthened or weakened the company. Support your answer.
3.Identify three reasons why vision failed at Mentor Graphics.
4.Discuss issues of vision content, context and process in how vision was introduced and changed at the company.
5.Discuss whether or not the vision helped or hindered change at Mentor Graphics.

Gerard Langeler, writing as president of Mentor Graphics Corporation, discusses the role of vision in his company over a 10-year period. Formed in the early 1980s, Mentor Graphics started with an unarticulated vision to "Build Something That People Will Buy." On this basis, they spent a number of months interviewing potential customers and designing a computer-aided engineering workstation product. At the same time, a competitor, Daisy Systems, was engaged in the same task and, in the early years, outcompeted Mentor Graphics. Eventually, "Beat Daisy" became the new vision, a vision driven by the need to survive as a business. By 1985 their revenues were greater than Daisy's- their vision had been realized. The company continued to grow despite the recession but suffered from typical growth problems, including decline in product quality and problems of internal company coordination. Stock value also suffered and a number of staff approached Langeler seeking a new vision for the company.
The new vision was developed based on "Six Boxes," which represented the six different businesses in which they sought market leadership. The "Six Boxes" became a company mantra, but in the late 1980s, one of the businesses, computer-aided publishing, was not paying dividends. However, the fact that it constituted one of the "Six Boxes" meant that they could not shut it down-and be left with a "Five Boxes" vision! In this case, the existence of the vision disrupted the ability to make sound financial judgments. It also stopped them from moving more
quickly to using Sun platforms, something they thought was too conventional for them.
A new vision was developed-the "10X Imperative"-that mirrored the push other companies were
making toward quality through six-sigma programs and the like. However, customers didn't really understand the new vision: It was too abstract and elusive. In 1989 yet another vision emerged: "Changing the Way the World Designs Together." In retrospect, Langeler depicts this vision as "the final extension of vision creep that began with Six Boxes. It was very grand and had little to do with the actual businesses in which Mentor Graphics operated- including the development of its new 8.0 generation of software. The realization, by the early 1990s, that the company's vision detracted from what the company was actually about led to the dumping of the vision and the replacement with one that echoed the early beginning of the company: "Our current short-, medium-, and long-term vision is to build things people will buy" was seen as a more pragmatic vision for a company that had lost its way, caught up in a cycle of visions that were increasingly irrelevant to the company's core business and that inhibited their ability to make sound business decisions.

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Title: Vision

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Essay Instructions: Write a 2-3 page analysis on the change management concept as it applies to an organization or a case study of choice from the text.

*Use the numbered items for each assignment as main headings. The lettered items may be used as subheadings*

In the Vision paper write a: 1) Vision Statement (picture or story of our future and what we are going to become); 2) Mission Statement (overreaching reason for existing and aim or highest purpose); and Strategy (identifies the key approaches in which we will implement the vision and defines the competitive advantages that will lead to winning in the marketplace) for the organization or selected case study from the Week 3 assignment. These statements must be supported with information from their organization or the case.

1. Introduction
a. Briefly explain the concepts of vision, mission, and strategy statements.

2. Statements
a. Share the name of your organization (real or case study) and provide a history of the organization or case study.
b. Write a vision, mission, and strategy statements for your organization or case study.

3. Statement Validation
a. From a theoretical standpoint, thoroughly explain the value of these statements to an organization.
b. How can the vision, mission, and strategy drive change in the organization?
c. How can the vision, mission and strategy statements put limits on the organization when it comes to change?

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Essay Instructions: For this assignment, create a vision statement of approximately 1,000 words for transforming NEW MEXICO JUNIOR COLLEGE into a learning culture. Develop the statement by synthesizing the information you have gathered from your site, research, and peer interactions. Present your vision narratively and graphically. The narrative component should identify the function of the site and its commitment to a culture of learning or how it might demonstrate that commitment. Follow the narrative with a brief statement that references accompanying graphics and describes your vision for that site as a culture of learning.
The vision may focus on growing, or maintaining a learning culture. Include a statement of at least three measures (for example, objectives, outcomes, and metrics) that would demonstrate your vision in action. The accompanying graphics should illustrate the major relationships or interactions that would take place between the key site stakeholders when implementing your vision.
Substantiation is essential to your vision statement. Base your vision for a culture of learning within the site on the ideas and frameworks documented in the research literature. Consult the "Diagnose the Problem" section of the Action Research Paradigm Protocol (ARPP), particularly Analyze the situation and Evaluate existing research findings, for key aspects you may want to include (for example, the systems and organizational context, assumptions you are making, the perspectives of others, and so on).

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Possible sites to reference to help with the writing of the paper.

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Title: Mission and Vision of COMOPTEVFOR

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Essay Instructions: The paper will be to analyze the mission and vision statement of Operational Test and Evaluation. It's mission and vision statements can be found at link: The criteria is as follows:

The Mission and Vision paper an individual assignment that focuses on the analysis of an organization's mission and vision statement.

Required Elements to include in the Mission and Vision Paper:

Research the organization's website to find the mission statement and vision.
Evaluate the mission statement in light of the criteria for good mission statements found in your textbook.
Address each of the criteria and comment on the vision.
Students are expected to support their comments by applying concepts learned in the course.
Demonstrate critical thinking in the assessment.

The reference that I will be sending is the chapter in the text that focuses on the criteria for a good mission statement.
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