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Title: branding assignment

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Essay Instructions: Hi,

This project is related to my 'marketing plan' course.

My assignment is about to INTRODUCE "Pond's" face moisturizer cream into the TURKISH MARKET. ( It is about importing this product from US to TURKEY.). I only want you to do PEST Analysis of Pond's for TURKEY MARKET. PEST analysis consist of Political Analysis ( political systems, regulations, market facts etc), Economical Analysis (economic conditions, purchasing power etc), Sociological Analysis ( how does society impact?, culture, heritage, social trends), and Technological Analysis ( how things work within product, how things get communicated etc). I want you to emphasize the most critical factors for each analysis.

I chose Freshman English writing, so please consider this while you are writing.

I am uploading a document that includes my past assignment about that project.

Thank you,

There are faxes for this order.

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Title: Assessing the External Macro Environment PEST

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Essay Instructions: Objectives

The aim of this assignment is to make use of online information to assess the external macro-environment of a company. This is known as a PEST Analysis

Instructor Comments

Consider a well known company such as Canadian Pacific, Dell or Sears. Each employs thousands of individuals. Each would contract with hundreds if not thousands of suppliers. Each would have numerous direct competitors. For Dell and Sears, their direct customers would number in millions. Indirectly, Canadian Pacific would also have millions of customers if one considers the end uses of the materials that it transports. Each of these companies would also be visible in hundreds of communities and their business operations would be subject to the rules and regulations of at least dozens of jurisdictions and multiple levels of government. Each would also be entwined in thousands if not millions of contractual relationships of various forms. It would be an oversimplification to suggest that these businesses are complex in their operations.

With these points in mind, how might an analyst working for a competitor, supplier, or customer organization really understand the business environment of one of these companies? How would an investment analyst working in London or New York make sense of the challenges and opportunities faced by these large entities? Or, how would an analyst working with Industry Canada explain one of these companies to policy makers in Ottawa? More than one good response can be offered for each of these queries. However, a common response is to suggest that a PEST analysis framework would be helpful. It would enable our analyst, to portray the complexity of the operating environments of these corporations in an organized and fairly straight forward manner. A PEST analysis is a tool that enables managers to think about the key features of the external macro environment facing their company by focusing on the politics, economics, social issues and the state of technology of their surroundings. It is a management tool that is used extensively in practice and is a staple of Business School instruction around the world.


This assignment seeks to help you understand the answer to a broader concern and that is, “How might managers undertake a PEST assessment for their company?”

In order to do so, please identify a country that it operates in or that is of interest to you. You should base your responses to the following questions on your analysis of the company that you have chosen for this course along with a specific country of your choosing.

Please answer the following questions:

Identify five political factors (as well as the online sources of information ) facing the company.
Identify five economic factors (as well as the online sources of information) facing the company.
Identify five social factors (as well as the online sources of information ) facing the company.
Identify five technology factors (as well as the online sources of information) facing the company.
In your opinion which four of these factors are most pertinent to the company and why?

Hint: Online information sources that you might consider using are those that address country specific socio-cultural, health oriented, technological, economic, environmental, or political legal issues. The table below specifies some useful examples and for each online source offers a profile and factor or issue that addresses for each country. Some examples of online sources of information include Earth Trends (, the Population Reference Bureau (, the Economist Country Profiles (, and the U.S. State Department Country Back Ground Notes (

National Country Profiles



Country Profile

Center for Intercultural Learning - DFAIT





Communication Styles

Doing Business - World Trade Organization

Business Regulation

World Health Organization




Google News


Economist Country Profiles

Politics and Economics

U.S. Energy Information Administration


Earth Trends


Thomson Reuters


Population Reference Bureau


Global Property Guide

Real Estate

Please ensure that the online source of each factor is identified. Limit your response to this assignment to three and one half single spaced, typed pages. Cite your sources in the text and please reference them at the end of your assignment. End your write??"up with one paragraph that summarizes what you think is the importance of this assignment.

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Title: PEST Analysis for amazon Kindle

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Essay Instructions: The task of the project is to pick a marketing problem faced by a company/an organization in a given market and provide strategic recommendations to solve the problem.

Problem: How to differentiate the kindle product line from different e-readers and tablets?

You need to analyze the competitive environment of a firm in a given market in order to identify
the problem. After identifying a specific marketing problem, you need to offer strategic
recommendations to address the problem and provide arguments to support your
recommendations. For the 2 Pages Focus on the PEST Analysis

1) Consider the five factors included in the environmental framework (Often
this type of analysis is referred to as a PEST analysis.) You do not need to devote
equal space to each factor. Focus on what is most relevant for the project (focus on solving on the problem)

Some notes to consider:
ndle itself vs kindle bookstore.
Make money out item or sales?

Meeting 1:
product differentiation
similar products
kindle vs ipad vs nook
reader vs tablet
Good reader vs million ‘distractions’ --> complicate product
old people prefer to just read it (physical) vs young

battery life
no glare / like reading a book
extensive library
Apple IBooks have a limited selection of books
kindle app on ipad.
store a lot of books

need outside light

“serious readers”

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Title: Stratgic Issue Facing COSTCO

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Essay Instructions: Hello:

Alan / Gamemaster did work for me regarding a PEST Analysis for COSTCO. I received it the other day.

He did a great job.

Now I need the following:

Using the information he gathered, can Alan/Gamemaster develope two strategic alternative solutions?

Here is what I mean:

Issues and Recommendations (Section 4):

a. Key Strategic Issue
• From your industry analysis and competitive advantage analysis of COSTCO, identify the major strategic issue facing the company (the best issues are typically either major problems to be solved, or major opportunities to take advantage of)
b. Recommended Course of Action
• Develop two viable strategic alternative solutions. For the alternative you should:
o Show how it addresses the key strategic issue
o Demonstrate the company's ability to successfully pursue the alternatives (from competitive advantage analysis, and financial analysis)
o Discuss the pros and cons of the alternatives
• Select one alternative and discuss why this alternative was chosen over the other
c. Implementation Plan
• Discuss how the recommended course of action can be implemented and how the disadvantages and risks of the chosen alternative can be minimized or handled
Items to include in Social Responsibility and Ethical Considerations

Thank you,

Tom Gatto

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