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Social Issues

Social factors relate to assessing the social, cultural, demographic, and environmental profiles of addressable markets (Sears, 2011). These trends are shaping the way Americans live, work, produce, and consume. Such a dynamic society gives Sears the opportunity to be a trendsetter in its various product categories. Sears currently faces many threats from many different retail chains like Wal-Mart and Target. These stores are beginning to offer customers a single store to fill all their shopping needs. Like Sears, such stores offer many of the same products at competitive prices, plus the consumer has the ability to conduct other shopping as well. Similarly, Lowes and Home Depot have been consistently garnering a large portions of Sears' appliance sales. Sears is able to influence how it does business with its partner vendors through environmental sustainable practices of recycling and offering products and services that promote environmental health for customer and employees. Sears' strategy is embedded in its progressive focus and commitment to diversity. The creation of the five pillars of diversity is an equal part of the company's culture to include: creating lasting relationships with customers by empowering them to manage their lives, attaining best in class productivity and efficiency, building brands, and reinventing the company continuously through technology and innovation.

Technological Aspects

Technological factors for Sears have a revolutionary affect on business processes. Embracing the Internet has helped with business productivity and efficiency: processing transactions, protecting customer information, summarizing shopping experience, and managing inventory & suppliers, and human resources. Chiefly, the Internet allows communication with consumers who prefer to shop virtually. Technological advancements require continuous innovation, not only for business operations, but also for the consumer experience. Systems are a double-edged sword. Its reliance and dependence on computer systems places Sears in a vulnerable position, in which patronage could be jeopardized should systems experience suboptimal performance.
However, as Sears' technology expanded, its global reach expanded, as well. Hence, the online marketplace not only fostered ecommerce trends, but it also enabled a free delivery of online purchases that captured a new niche for the former order catalog process.


The evaluation of Sears' political landscape, economic conditions, social issues, and technological aspects, provides insight into the company's strategic vision to meet the challenges of the future. One aspect is not more important than the others are. Careful evaluation must be conducted to ensure the best possible competitive advantage in the market. By leveraging the strength of its size in name recognition, scope of products and services offered, and the international nature of its supply chain and sales, Sears can capitalize on the growing globalization trends in the market. Its innovative use of ecommerce is part of Sears' plan to integrate technology into its operation, increasing its customer base, and offering products with more convenience than ever. Delivering all these services to its customer has not diminished its commitment to the environment and community; however, it must improve customer service levels or risk losing goodwill. Finally, Sears utilizes the diversity of its workforce to promote a corporate culture of acceptance and recognition of superior performance, thus holding true to its corporate vision of "improving the lives of our customers by providing quality services, products, and solutions that earn their trust and build lifetime relationships" (Sears, 2010).


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