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Title: The Economic impact of Michael Jordan

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Essay Instructions: This paper has to focus on the impact Michael Jordan had or still has on the economy. Basically your research needs to prove the follow points...Jordan skills and popularity became the critical element for building Nike into the economic giant it is today. The research will examine how Michael Jordan?s on the court success lead to off the court billions. Also, how Nike?s association with Jordan has now become a popular recipe for success in the world of advertising. That Jordans influence in the shoe industry has lead other companies to follow the same advertising approach ie, Lebron James ect. ect. Finally, your reseach cannot be all from the internet. There must be aleast a few actual books cited. Please do not focus on Jordans career, rather the economic implications. Thanks and good luck in your reseach.

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Title: bad stats

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Essay Instructions: In the first video, what were the three forms of bad statistics mentioned and why is it important they are avoided?

While not called by this in the video, what was the "Michael Jordan Fallacy", how was it related to statistics, and is there a solution?

The second video is covers the clever edits done to make reality TV. While not directly dealing with statistics, it does make one wonder; if someone can make a TV show completely misleading and really tell whatever story they want, then what other things do you see in the media that are misrepresented.

First answer the questions regarding the first video and then tell me what you think is the most misrepresented segment of media, be it radio, tv, internet videos, etc. There is no right or wrong answer, just simply explain something you have noticed that seems to consistently be misrepresented or deceptive.

First Video:
Don?t be fooled by bad Statistics by: Emily Dressler
Second Video:
Reality TV Editing by: Charlie Brooker?s Screenwipe

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Title: Timberland and Nike

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Essay Instructions: Please use the "Ethics and the Conduct of Business" by John Boatright, Prentice Hall for sources. Please read case 12.3 in the textbook, "Timberland and Community Service." After reading the case, briefly describe the elements of your employer's mission,m core values, and goals that promote corporate social responsibility and community service.

Read Case 14.1 in the textbook, "Nike in Southeast Asia," and respond to the case. In particular, consider John Woodman's comments. Alternatively, you may assume that you have the role of John Woodman at Nike and prepare your own response as to how you would like to see this issue addressed. Finally, do you have any additional comments with the respect to the $2-million fee paid to Michael Jordan?

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Title: sports manigment

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Essay Instructions: I want to add more info about two pages in Recommendations

For Recommendations:

I will list the recommendations we talked about in the lecture and your man needs to put them into a writing peice.

Here we go:

NIKE needs to devote a considerably huge budget for R&D
NIKE needs to pay attention to the reliability of their products; not only the look
For celebrity sponsorship, NIKE needs to sign contracts with other celebrities from different fields. In other words, they need to sign contracts with Golf players like Tiger Woods, Tennis players like Rafael Nadal; not only basketball players like Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, Lebron James. That means, they need to find ways to expand their dominance through being their on several players t-shirts from different sports.
NIKE needs to have a joint venture with factories in China and have shares in these factories to have more control over the production process and over the way their plant is managed.
NIKE needs to monitor these factories in order to minimize child labor to zero per cent. As we know, NIKE's image would be affected negatively if they make business with factories run child labor policy. One of the ways they can monitor these factories is by including a band in the contract that dictates that they hire people from NIKE in these factories.
To treat Knockoffs, NIKE need to develop a Differentiation System with what they produce every product of theirs with a serial number. When a buyer buys a NIKE product, this buyer can log-on NIKE's web site and type in the serial number to make sure it is an original NIKE's product.

These are out recommendations to NIKE.

note do not make copy and paste

Thanks and regads

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