Economic Impact of Michael Jordan

) and made himself the greatest celebrity/player to have the greatest economic impact in the United States history. His fame, enigma and charisma did things for his team and his sponsors that no other sportsman could do before and that was the hype that he created in the commercial scenario (Smith, 4). His choice of Nike, the famous shoe company brought millions in the United States and abroad to buy the Nike shoes and generated a Cass flow, according to the Fortune Magazine, worth $10 billion since 1984. For instance in the following table proves the economic mobility relative to companies for which Jordan promoted products and services.


Jordan Affiliation


2002 Estimated P/E

Projected EPS Growth*

Market Value ($mil)

AOL Time Warner

Turner Broadcasting

Finish Line

Athletic footwear and apparel

General Electric



Athletic footwear and apparel; Jordan sponsor


Jordan sponsor...
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