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Title: Marketing Communications

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Essay Instructions: Marketing communications are the means by which firms attempt to inform, persuade, and remind consumers—directly or indirectly—about the products and brands that they sell. Explain why the six major modes of communication are important.

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Essay Instructions: Subject : Marketing Communications

Your task is to write a short essay which explains the concept of Intergrated Marketing communications and describes reasons for the importance of the Intergrated Marketing communications perspective.
In this essay you need to provide real life example of Intergrated Marketing communications using a company of your choice ( Global or Singapore Based ). You also need to demostrate critical thinking skills , theoretical foundations of Intergrated Marketing communications :)

You must use the additional insights from the articles which i've uploaded on resources . Total 4 articles

In-text referencing is needed.

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Essay Instructions: Visit the BT Website (a leading UK telecommunications service provider) and familiarize yourself with all types of services BT offers (e.g. Broadband, TV, Landline phones, mobile phones etc.). Pick one service and find as many examples as you can with regard to their communication approaches (i.e. how the service of your choice is communicated to consumers). Ensure that you consider all the touch points that the company has with the target audience, including those not included on the website (e.g. TV ads, billboards etc.).

**********Specifically provide answers to the following issues************:
• Identify the communication options that are used to reach target audiences of the offering you have chosen to focus on (e.g. broadband, cable TV, mobile phones etc.).
• What segment(s) is/are targeted by BT with this particular offering? Identify these different segments and explain how they differ.
• Choose one specific segment and answer the following questions:
o Which types of communication appeals are used, and what are the pros and cons for using these appeals for this type of service and for the specific the audience (segment) targeted?
o What does the communication used by BT (with regard to this offering) reveal about the way this offering is positioned?
o In your opinion, is this positioning appropriate for this audience? If so, explain why this positioning strategy is better than one other strategy that you are aware of. If not, explain why this strategy is not appropriate, and recommend a more appropriate positioning approach justifying your reason.
o Does BT succeed in integrating their marketing communications for this segment? If so, how did the company manage to do this? If not, what suggestions can you make for further improvements?
o Finally comment on the traditional vs. interactive communications approaches used by BT.

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Title: marketing communications

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Essay Instructions: I wish writer usernumber: infoceo to do the paper
the research topic is the "marketing communications and sports"
basically the purpose of this paper is to discuss how the marketers link or use the sports to introduce their products.
it's a group project we planned to use NBA, MLB, NHL, Nascar, and PGA.
my part is to write a intro of the project, Nascar, and PGA..

please do "focus on the marketing communications part"
and also, I wish there should have the complete discussion about how they do the promotions, by ads, public relation, internet, etc. and for PGA and Nascar, how different is the marketers use the way from the other ads.
at last, if there is any quote..please states where it from clearly.

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