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Title: End of life Issues in Gerontology

Total Pages: 3 Words: 1039 Sources: 3 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: double space,adhere to APA stylee and guidelines. DIRECTIONS: research and discuss the following: 1. what is death? 2. competing ideas about the nature and meaning of death 3. biomedical approaches to the definition of death 4. conditions that resemble death 5. what is dying and when dies it begin? 6. Trajectories of dying: from beginning to end 7. Theoretical models of the dying process 8. The hospice approach to terminal care 9. establishment of Hospice programs in the U.S. 10. standards of care for the terminally 11. Hospice in action

All the # questions NEED to be typed in bold and the answers underneath the question not in bold


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Title: Gerontology Nursing

Total Pages: 8 Words: 2088 References: 5 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: Paper requirements:
1) Identify how gerontology is relevant to current nursing practice.
2) Use a minimum of four journal articles relating to Gerontology and provide a brief synopsis of the articles.
3) Summarize the implications for nursing practice from the review of literature.
4) Adhere to APA guidelines for scholarly writing, using Times New Roman 12.

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Title: interview essay

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Essay Instructions: This is part two of a semester long project for my gerontology class. I will send the first essay of this project for information that you will need to complete part two

Part two is I needed to interview a person who is atleast sixty five years of age: What are there likes/dislikes, food, family, hobbies and how they compare to the essay I wrote about myself.

I will send the interview over for you as well.

This project is due Friday March 12
Minimum 2 pages I would like to keep it to two pages
There are faxes for this order.

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Title: Gerontology Nursing

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Essay Instructions: I have provided the interview of the older adult and guidelines and grading criteria below. The purpose of the assignment is to help gain understanding of how life experiences and historical events shape the perspectives and values of an older adult. There are personal reflective questions below the interview please respond to questions after reading interview as I have not had the time to reflect.Please add any additional information that you feel might help personal reflection it will be very much appreciated. Also when writing the paper please do not copy questions and answer verbatim I am suppose to paraphrase the interview. Thank you for your help.

Interview an Older Adult Assignment
Guidelines and Grading Criteria
Purpose and overview:
This exercise is adapted from material developed by Ithaca College Gerontology Institute We are using a part of that material for this project.? For a full description see the entire document on eCollege.?
The purpose of the assignment is to help you to gain an understanding of how life experiences and historical events have shaped the perspectives and values of an older adult.?
Steps in completing the assignment:
1.?????? Identify an older adult (the individual must be older than 65 years of age).? It can be a family member or other individual whom you know personally. ?
2.?????? Download the assent sheet from eCollege and have the individual read it before the interview
3.?????? Negotiate an acceptable amount of time for the interview with the interviewee before conduction the interview.? The interview can be conducted over more than one session. ??
4.?????? Record the interview by audiotaping, videotaping or taking comprehensive notes.? I recommend audiotaping because it will free you to pay more attention when listening to the interviewee.? You do not need to transcribe verbatim (this would be required if you were doing qualitative research but we are not).? ?We are requesting that you perform the interview in person (although if you can?t complete the interview in one session, follow up phone interviews are allowed).?
5.?????? Interview schedule (list of questions, included in a separate document in the assignment folder)
a.?????? The questions on the interview schedule are required.? However, you are free to add your own questions.
b.????? See the interview schedule in the documents under the project folder
6.?????? Submit a written report on your interview.? The report should meet the following requirements:
a.?????? Include the questions followed by a summary of the responses.
b.????? The total word count for the document should be between 2000 and 3000 words.?
c.?????? You should submit your document as a Word attachment to me at
d.????? The assignment should be attached to your post on the discussion board for this assignment.? Feel free to add posts related to your experiences and insights that result from this project as well (although general discussion is not a graded requirement for this assignment).
e.????? The assignment must be emailed to me no later than .
f.??????? We will have a general discussion of what you learned from this project during the last class on .? The discussion will not be graded.
7.?????? Grading criteria:
a.?????? In general I would like to give you a reasonable amount of freedom in this project.? There are no references required.? However, I expect high quality writing.
????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? i.????? Timeliness of submission ( deduct 10 %? for each day after the submission deadline)
??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? ii.????? Correct word count
????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? iii.????? You must use proper grammar, syntax and spelling.??
?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? iv.????? The content that captures the responses must be well organized and coherent.? The selected use of quotes for impact and support of your summary are welcome.? However, I will deduct points if there is no coherent summary.? Points will be deducted if quotes are the only content.?
1.????? Please tell me about your childhood, family and school life.
I grew up in Germantown Philadelphia I lived with my mom dad and 6 siblings I was the 3rd child out of 7. Even though I was not the oldest I felt that my brothers and sisters would look to me for support and to help with solving problems. I know it was because my mother was constantly working to support us, my dad even though he lived with us was never home and I know now that he did not support my mother financially or as a husband should with love a lot of the responsibilities were left with my mother. When I was around 11 I guess my mother had enough she was taking care of everything with no support and day in and day out you were worried about doing something wrong to provoke this man she decided to leave. It was hard we were poor the state was going to take us so we were constantly moving my mother wanted to keep us together and there were no families that would take 7 black children together that is too much. We finally moved in with my grandmother and things were a little better financially but it was still a struggle. I remember we used to go junking that is when you go through people trash on trash day. Germantown was more affluent back in the day and you would find things you could still use. My mother and grandmother also thought me how to sew knit and crochet I made my own prom dress and bought a pair of shoes for $2.99 you definitely can?t do that any more. We did what we had to, to survive and I can honestly say that even though we did not have money and it was a constant struggle that I have felt blessed over the years I think my experiences/struggles have helped me accomplish many things in life. I enjoyed going to school and I was able to finish high school I did not go to college because as a black female you are not encouraged to set goals and accomplish them. I had no confidence I felt that I would just fail if I went to college on top of that we were just trying to eat and keep a roof over our heads. I have made many wrong decisions and thankfully I have managed to correct some of my mistakes one being college I was able to finish college even though it was later in life.
2.????? Do you consider yourself old?? At what age did you notice that you were getting older?
I don?t know what old is. I don?t consider myself old I don?t think I have the time for that I have 4 grown children and unfortunately I feel that I still have to take care of them. I get calls constantly asking for help so there is no time to feel old. I have a full-time career I am taking care of my elderly aunt and I constantly have my children and grandchildren around me and I provide for them. Thank god I still have my health and strength I am still independent. I have to say truthfully that I do not consider myself old I see friends pass away but it has not had an effect where I feel that I am nearing the end of life. I guess I am going to be contradictory but I know I am getting older by my age I feel that I have many more years and there is still so much that I want to do such as travel the states, fix my home and just spend time with my wonderful husband I just want to enjoy him just us two hopefully everyone will get there life together and it will just be us two.
3.????? What is the most important historical event or period of time that you have lived through? How did it influence you personally?
I would have to say the most important historical event is when Barack Obama was elected as President of the United States. Who would have ever thought that a black man would hold the title of President. Like I said before as a black female you are not told to set goals such as finishing school or you are not told that you can accomplish anything you want as long as you set those goals and work hard to attain it. After seeing him being elected I had a feeling of accomplishment. I knew it before but after the election I knew you could accomplish anything you want because I actually say a black person do it. It was an amazing feeling. I hope the younger generation will see him and know that they can achieve great things in life if they put in the time and hard work.
4.????? What is the biggest change you have seen in how people conduct their everyday lives?
I would have to say the biggest change is time spent with family it seems that people are so busy that there is no time to raise children both parents are usually working. Everything is rushed through and social media is the form of communication these days its crazy I get text messages from my children and grandchildren instead of them calling me and us speaking one on one. Its nice to hear there voice once in awhile.
5.????? What have been the best years of your life thus far?? What are your plans for the future?
The best years of my life thus far has been since I met my husband E.W. 19 years ago and thankfully still going strong He has been my foundation I did not mention previously that I was married and had 4 children I never thought that I would meet anyone that would love me and my 4 children so it was a blessing when I met E. He takes care of me and loves me unconditionally and the same goes for my girls you would never know that they were not his biological children he loves and takes care of them since they were younger like they were his own. For the future I would like to travel the states with my husband and just spend more time with him and enjoy him more.
6.????? How are young people today different from when you were their age?
I definitely feel that the younger generation is more disrespectful. I feel that they are not thought basic common courtesies such as greeting people saying thank you holding the door for someone offering help. The language has definitely changed do you know there was a boy in the grocery store he could not have been more than 7 and the curse words coming out of his mouth I could not believe it I had to ask him where his parents were and he went running. I didn?t pursue it any further because I didn?t want any trouble now a days you can not tell a parent a child is doing something out of place they get upset at you for saying something. And today children are so consumed with there cell phones and video games everything is electronics. I feel that no one uses there imagination anymore. You don?t see children going outside to play with the other children in the neighborhood.
7.????? What advice would you give young people to help them prepare for their old age?
I would have to say to have a positive and open mind. You should also eat properly I believe eating healthy is the best thing to do Your diet effects many aspects of body You should control your diet prior to any health concerns. If you feel that something is wrong do not wait to see a doctor go and get checked out be proactive ask question and look into available resources. You should also cut out smoking and drinking and if you drink do it in moderation. I would also tell young people to reach for the stars you are never to old to accomplish any of your dreams.

8.????? Have you ever experienced any negative attitudes or discrimination because of your age?? Please explain?
I believe that I have been discriminated at work due to my age I have been at my job for over 20 years I have trained new employees and they are younger than me before I know it they are above me. I have a bachelors degree in criminal justice and I currently work for the county. I feel that I have any extensive work background so it bothers me to see that I am passed up for promotions Sometimes I do question myself as to weather I should be more assertive. But I feel that I deserve the opportunity to be recognized Many of my co workers come to me for assistance I always help I don?t carry the attitude of it is not my job I love to learn and love to help if there is something I can help with I do it So it is discouraging to see that other people are getting promoted and I am at a standstill in my career. Many people also ask when am I going to retire. I often wonder if they are well intentioned questions or ill intentioned?

Additional questions
Do you visit your doctor for wellness visits? I do go occasionally but I think because I have been for the most part healthy I don?t go as often as I should and there is some distrust or apprehension when going to the doctors I often feel rushed and I feel that the doctors and nurses do not listen to me when I tell them something is wrong if I am prescribed a medication and take it makes me feel worse don?t you think you should offer alternatives or lower my dose I feel that when I voice my opinion they look at me like I don?t know what I am talking about I know my body I know when something is wrong. I think they should take that into consideration not everyones body will react the same way I also think you should listen to your patients.
What are some suggestions to a future nurse on how to make the older adult more comfortable with the healthcare provider.
I think the best advice is listen and respect your patient they may not present with the classic signs and symptoms of illness or they may not respond typically to a medication, you should look beyond the diagnostic and labs past the numbers and listen to what they are saying.

Personal reflection questions (Respond to these questions yourself and include them in the written report)

1.????? What did you learn?? Did anything surprise you?
2.????? How did you feel during the interview?
3.????? What changes (if any) have occurred in your perception of older adults?? (i.e. what did you think before and what do you think now?)

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