Charles A Corr's model highlights individual empowerment and guidelines for caregivers. Debbie Messer Zlatin's theory makes use of what she terms life themes in the dying process (Kubler-Ross and other Approaches, n.d.).

8. The hospice approach to terminal care

The hospice approach minimizes the patients suffering and provides a compassionate environment for those in the terminal stages. It promotes comfort and quality of life without use of life extending measures. It centers on close, collaborative working associations between health care team members and family (Hospice Approach to End of Life Dementia Care, 2009).

9. Establishment of Hospice programs in the U.S.

The modern American hospice movement was started in 1974 with the founding of the Connecticut Hospice in New Haven. It was based on the replica of care best identified with Dame Cicely Saunders, MD. This center became the representation for complete whole person and family care at the end...
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