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Title: Epistemology

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Essay Instructions: I need an APA formatted book review on the book Epistemology: Becoming Intellectually Virtuous by W. Jay Wood. The writer must write a one-page summary of each chapter in the book. Include personal reflections. Make sure there are personal reflections of each chapter coming from a christian counselors point of view or a christian point of view accompanied with a summary of each chapter. The book review must be in 12-point times new roman font with 1- inch margins. Please include an absstact page. The abstract cannot be more tha 120 words. Please reference the book in APA format on a separate page with a hanging indent. Since you are summarizing every chapter in the book you do not have to use citations in the body of the paper.

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Title: essay

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Essay Instructions: To: A. West

Dear Alan West

Please help to write a four pages essay : address the EPISTEMOLOGY AND META-THEORY of sound marketing theory---through what means and methods should we come to know about markets and marketing?


Your references could be based on the following (most of the following are our course readings, you can refer to any of them)

1.Epistemology and Meta-theory in marketing

Refer to the previous order 54360, and also

J.R. Rossiter (2001) what is marketing knowledge

C.K. Prahalad, (1995) Weak signals versus strong paradigms

2.Stretching the boundaries of theory: imagination,
paradox, quantum and chaos

K.E. Weick (1989) "theory construction as disciplined

H.A. Slaatte(1968) The Pertinence of the paradox

M.J. Wheatley(1992) Leadership and the new science

N. Doherty & N. Delener (2001) "Chaos theory:
marketing and management implications"

M.S. Poole & A.H. Van De Ven (1989) Using paradox to
build management and organization theories.

Context-the missing theoretical link for communication
and marketing

Perry, J. L. & Rainey, H. G. (1988) The public-private
distinction in organization theory: a critique and
research strategy

Ring, P.S. & Perry, J.L. (1985) "strategic management
in publics and private organizations: implications of
distinctive contexts and constraints.

Carper, W. B. & Snizek, W.E.(1980) The nature and
types of organizational taxonomies: an overview

Knorr, K(1974) "Making the Scene."

G.R. Foxall (1999) The contextual stance


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Title: epistemology

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Essay Instructions: let me know whether or not u think that epistemology gap can be close by ducussing at least two of the follow thinker hegel, peirce, harding, collins and mutahharri.this paper deal withthe question of whether or not we can achieve objective knowledge or objectivity that is. can we ever rreally know the thing in itself? can we know the truth about it.

single space. once u have ur claim, try to think of an agument that support it. must acknowledge ur source, will fax it to u example (Peirce in PQ, p. 231) the text book is philosophical Quest.

thank u, please dont make me should really smart cause she'll know i didn't do it looking for a B.
There are faxes for this order.

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Essay Instructions: Subject is PHL/716 title of class is Knowledge Theory and Practice- I have to write a position paper describing your individual epistemology and its relationship to your work and profession. Use quotes, cite correctly, place in APA formatt, include Title page, reference page, and At minimum include 1) your justified views on the nature of knowledge 2) the purpose of knowledge and the means by which it is acquired 3) the application of knowledge to the tasks of leadership and management in organization or profession in which you work in 4) whether you individual epistemology agrees or disagrees with the implicit or explicit epistemology of your profession.
The paper must reflect my familiarity with major epistemology themes and concepts covered in the reading and should do justice to traditional philosophical epistemology and insights of organizational epistemology. Paper must refer to relevance passages in the source material, specify authors who have had the greatest effect on your critical thinking, and indicate insights gain through class discussion.

The authors and material used are as followed:
-Cooper, D.E. (ED),(1999) Epistemology. The Classic reading. Malden, MBA Blackwell
-Feldman, R. (2003). Epistemology. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice Hall
-Moser, P.K. & vander Nat, A. (eds) (2001) Knowledge emergence: Social, technical, and evolutionary dimensions of knowledge creation. New York, NY Oxford University Press
-Tsoukas, H (2005) Complex Knowledge: Studies in organizational epistemology: New York NY,: Oxford University Press
-Nonaka, I. & Nishiguchi, T(eds) (2001) Knowledge emergence:Social, technical, and eveolutionary dimensions of knowledge creation. New York, NY Oxford University Press

I have attached reading posted that I used in the class along with reading material. Also I am a Director for a major Oil and Gas company full time, and a part time worker for and after school program called Big Brother Big Sisters that works with the disabled/handicap, and underprivileged children. I have included three paper I have written for this class as well.

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