We are, in essence, simply made up of a lot of different people through time and history. The people today are an evolved version of everyone that came before and this pattern will continue. This has to do with Spirit. He says, "Spirit is indeed never at rest but always engaged in moving forward" (p 5). On that same note, in Peirce's "Fixation of Beliefs," he talks about the struggle between beliefs and doubts (inquiry) and how the purpose is to know if one is dealing with a doubt or a belief. This can be likened to Hegel's theories in that inquiry is all about evolving. One cannot evolve -- society cannot evolve -- if there is not this struggle to find the truth or beliefs.

Where Peirce strays from Hegelian thought and thus widens the epistemological gap is that he says that there are

Real things, whose characters are...
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