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The processes individuals select to determine whether something is just as subjective as using cohesivism or evidence based approaches to determine whether a belief or idea is justified or not. Wood also points out how great a debate exists as to whether justification can be internally or externally produced. Internalists tend to suggest that people may have introspective access to their justified beliefs.

Reflections Chapter 6

This chapter helps some up some of the ideas presented by Wood thus far, suggesting that some suggest success is related to reliability when tracking truth according to Wood, whereas others rely on adequate evidence to support their beliefs and still others suggest that beliefs must cohere with one another to be just and true. This chapter is very helpful in creating a foundation for ones own beliefs and principles. In my case I would suggest relaying on evidence based approach when working with others particularly in the counseling profession, as people are more likely to accept ones beliefs as valid and true when evidence supports them.

Chapter 7

In this chapter Wood goes into great detail discussing epistemology and religious beliefs. Here Wood begs the question whether believing in God is "compatible with living an excellent intellectual life." Here there is much disagreement. Wood suggests that while we may come to agreement on what standards must be applied to justify any belief, many disagree as to whether believing in God alone is enough to satisfy this belief.

In this chapter Wood attempts to bring together multiple insights, contrasting varying viewpoints. Wood supports the idea that a belief in God is an intellectually virtuous pursuit, and further argues that contemplating religious beliefs integrates multiple viewpoints and hence is the best way to go about justifying beliefs and seeking the truth.

Ultimately Wood comes to suggest those individuals concerns and the resulting emotions and virtues that arise from these concerns constitute a significant piece of our cognitive intellectual capacity.
Reflections Chapter 7

This chapter is very helpful in supporting the Christian counseling vantage point. In this chapter one finds support for belief in God as a virtuous endeavor and intellectually superior path that ultimately will reveal the truth related to all issues. Wood confirms the notion that one must rely on one's beliefs and may justify them by ensuring their concerns and the emotions that result are based on genuine desire to seek the truth and what's best for all involved.

Chapter 8

Here Wood concludes by further emphasizing the idea that to function properly individuals must pay clear attention to their emotions and any other aspects of their internal life including their disposition, will and moral character in order to successfully find truth and justice in all matters. In this chapter Wood focuses on the role of emotions and virtues related to cognitive functioning, suggesting the two are inextricably linked or paired with one another. Here Wood suggests that an optimally functioning cognitive ability is possible when one acknowledges their emotions and the role emotions play in virtuous decision-making.

Reflections Chapter 8

This chapter sums up Wood's reflections and work and provides the Christian counselor areas to explore in the future. Wood clearly suggests that one must be sure of their emotions and virtues in order to function in an intellectually superior manner. Here Wood suggests that a properly functioning mind is not one that is free of all cares or not aggravated by passions, but one rather that is trained to care about the correct things. This by very nature is the definition of what Christian counselors seek in their every day encounters. A counselor by nature must be trained not only to evaluate and recognize problematic areas but also care about the things that matter most, and will lead people to….....

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