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Title: Dominican Republic

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Essay Instructions: The Dominican Republic today is the product of 500 years of mismanagement by the various people who have run the country. Use examples from Dominican Republic history to discuss this statement.

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Title: the dominican republic and its debt

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Essay Instructions: Requirements: The research must be at least 5-6 pages. Typed and double spaced. Use four sources of information. Please make sure you correctly footnote your statements which use statistics and definitions. Also, what is paraphrased or directly quoted should certainly be footnoted. The research paper should have a nice introduction, and thesis statement, a deep analyzis of the topic matter, and a conclusion with thoughtful reflections and policy suggestions from you.
TOPIC: how the debt problem contribute to mantaining poverty and lack of development of third world country. The country "The Dominican Republic" do a paper on its debt problem. focus on how its government has to limit investment in education and health care in order to pay acumulated interest on its country debt? how limits the life chances for its citizens? how minorities of the country can improve the life chances?

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Essay Instructions: By 1844, the Haitian hold on the increasingly nationalistic Dominicans was waning. An earthquake in 1842 which destroyed numerous cities, helped catalyze the opposition. With financial backing from Venezuela, Duarte -considered the father of the Dominican independence- and his fellow conspirators attacked the Haitian garrisons and as consequence the Dominican Republic was declared an independent nation.
Duarte was eventually exiled and the power was taken by two self proclaimed generals, ushered in what historians call the ?era of the dual caudillos?.

1- Who were these two self-appointed generals?
2- How was the DR affected by their tenures?

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Title: The different influence on the Culture of the Dominican Republic

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Essay Instructions: 1-The different influences on the Culture of the Dominican Republic.
2-How has the U.S.A. contribuye to the Dominican culture?

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