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Title: Change Theory and Social Change

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Essay Instructions: Change Theory and Social Change
Intentional change requires knowledge of change theory and processes and a plan for bringing about the change to which you are committed. Particularly with social change, it also is advisable to think about ethical considerations and issues that you need to be mindful of as you engage in a change process. Other areas to focus on include the following:
What exactly do you want to accomplish? What do you envision happening by the end of your efforts? What is the context of, and capacity and commitment to change of the members of the organization or the part of society who will be involved in the change? And what challenges might you encounter in the social change effort?
To prepare for this assignment:
• Bring to mind the societal or profession-related problem/issue you selected.* (Domestic Abuse)
• Review the articles, “Change Theory in CPE and HRD: Toward a Holistic View of Learning and Change in Work,” “Planning to Change: Strategic Planning and Comprehensive School Reform,” “Relative Ranking of Conditions that Facilitate Innovation Implementation in the USA,” and “Reinstating the Lewinian Vision: From Force Field Analysis to Organization Field Assessment.” Reflect on the change process and change theories.
• Review the codes of ethics at websites listed below. Pay particular attention to ethical issues or challenges that might arise in efforts to create change.
• Reflect on the problem/issue you selected and identify one change theory or approach and related change processes (e.g., force-field analysis, SWOT analysis, etc.) that you might use to guide you in planning for, engaging in, and bringing others into a social change effort related to your problem/issue. (Domestic Abuse)
• Identify at least two ethical issues or challenges that might arise in your efforts to create the change you wish to bring about, and consider how, specifically, the ACA, NASW, or ACJS code of ethics would provide guidelines and/or advice.

The assignment (2??"3 pages):
• Briefly describe the problem or issue you selected.
• Briefly describe and then explain a change theory and related change processes that could be applied to your social change effort. Explain how you would apply the theory and processes and how, specifically, they would work with your change effort.
• Briefly describe two ethical issues or challenges that might arise in your efforts to create these changes, and what the ACA, NASW, or ACJS code of ethics would advise in each case. Be specific, citing specific elements from the code.
Support your Application Assignment, citing all resources in APA style

• Counselors for Social Justice
• American Counseling Association: Ethics

Note: After clicking the above link, click the link that reads, 2005 ACA Code of Ethics (PDF).
• National Association of Social Workers Code of Ethics
• Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences Code of Ethics

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Works Cited:


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Title: Organizational Change Thoery

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Essay Instructions: Article reviews should be critical in nature and not simply a summary of key points. A critical review of a journal article evaluates the strengths and weaknesses of an article's ideas and content. It provides description, analysis and interpretation to assess the article's value.

Article 1 can be about a particular organizational change theory or some research related to organizational change.
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Excerpt From Essay:

The most fruitful type of creative organizations, according to the authors, are designed along the lines of what they call ambidextrous organizations, "where the breakthrough efforts were organized as structurally independent units, each having its own processes, structures, and cultures but integrated into the existing senior management hierarchy" (Reilly & Tushman 2004: 2). One example of this is the U.S.A. Today organization, which shelters a wide array of newspapers and other news sources under its umbrella. On one hand, all member newspapers are somewhat distinct, serving a regional or specialty audience or having a unique 'brand.' But by sharing information between the newspapers, a high level of quality is maintained that is mutually beneficial for all of the participants in the network.

Companies that thrive must also know what type of change is required by the market environment. While sometimes small, sustained changes can be beneficial, at other times companies must take radical efforts to outpace competitors, like the upstart contact lens company CIBA Vision, when it strove to challenge pharmaceutical behemoth Johnson & Johnson. It launched "six formal development projects, each focused on a revolutionary change. Four entailed new products, including daily disposables and extended-wear lenses, and two involved new manufacturing processes. In a controversial but necessary move, he [the CEO] canceled dozens of small R&D initiatives for conventional lenses to free up cash for the breakthrough efforts" Reilly & Tushman 2004: 4). The CEO, even while he allowed R&D a great deal of leeway, also strove to integrate the management of the multinational company, to ensure a coherence of mission in an 'ambidextrous' fashion.

Being ambidextrous means able to be a mold-breaker, yet also staying true to the company spirit, purpose, mission, and sense of fellowship. Through incremental, architectural, and discontinuous innovation the company must ensure that a thirst for future innovation is built into its corporate culture, even while it strives to meet the demands of the moment. An existing company must hold onto its existing business and customers, even while it fights the forces of complacency and inertia that can hamper its future. The task is challenging, but the examples cited by O'Reilly and Tushman underline the fact that it is essential for a company to do so, if it wishes to remain a lasting success.

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Title: Elements of Change on how to quit smoking

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Essay Instructions: This essay paper should reflect the Transtheoretical Model of Prochaska ( Change Theory)

a. Write an overview of change theory ( Transtheoretical Model of Prochaska, ) (one of the sources)
b.Then write about client’s individual situational factors you may consider prior to developing the behavioral change plan of how one can quit smoking (assume that client is 30 y.o female nursing student, who have been smoking for at least 10 years 5-6 cigarets a day)
c.Based on Transtheoretical Model of Prochaska , write step-by-step plan for this client on how to quit smoking.
d. Evaluate the results ( assuming that client followed the created plan)

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P Aveyard, L Massey, a Parsons, S Manaseki, C Griffin (2008). The effect of Transtheoretical

Model based interventions on smoking cessation Social Science & Medicine DOI:


Christopher J. Armitage, Madelynne a. Arden (2008). How useful are the stages of change for targeting interventions? Randomized test of a brief intervention to reduce smoking.

Health Psychology, 27 (6), 789-798 DOI: 10.1037/0278-6133.27.6.789

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Title: High Risk Family Health Assessment and Promotion

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Essay Instructions: High-Risk Family Assessment and Health Promotion Paper. 1400-1750 word count with at least 4 references. The paper is to include the following:
1. A summary of the health profile of the specific high-risk family group. My choice for this is: Drug Abuse
2. Describe assessment of the family type you selected with use of applicable theories. My choice of theories Is: Change Theory and Structural Functional Theory.
3. Identify applicalbe Healthy People 2020 objectives. Use 2-4 objectives for one of the health problems common to this high-risk group (Drug Abuse).
4. Describe nursing intervention strategies applicable to this family situation (drug abuse) based on health promotion: health belief models, family theory, and analysis of family function that are supported by literature and research.
5. Describe the role of the advanced practice nurse as a case manager in this type of nursing situation.

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Excerpt From Essay:


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