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This is because of the constant information on the effects of smoking in relation to health conditions. This stage illustrates on the essence of quitting smoking without the crucial plan by smokers (Aveyard et al., 2008).


During this third stage, it is vital for the individual engaging in smoking behavior to adopt an effective plan towards transforming the behavior. The individual must prepare mental and psychologically for the adoption and implementation of change in order to obtain maximum utilization of the quitting technique. This also entails transformation of other aspects of lifestyles that might pile pressure on the individual in relation to the smoking behavior. In most cases, smokers decide on the quitting dates and mark it on the calendar to aid their quitting process. Other smokers also inform their friends or relatives on the quitting technique and dates to obtain some accountability in the process (Aveyard et al., 2008).


This is the implementation stage where the individual applies the technique into quality use towards the transformation of behavior. This reflects the quit dates when the smoker decides to quit smoking and adopt a new lifestyle thus promotion of positive behavior within the society. The action stage requires crucial and effective maintenance approach in order to minimize elements of fall back towards the previous stage. This is the cruel stage of the change of behavior. Some of the smokers give up while others obtain elements of motivation to carry on towards the positive behavior (Aveyard et al., 2008).


This last stage involves the adoption of the new styles in the process of maintaining the changed behavior. At this stage, the individual has already made the decision and implemented the techniques in relation to quitting smoking behavior. Maintenance stage is crucial to enable individuals maintain and incorporate new styles of living effectively and efficiently thus an opportunity to prevent fall back into the previous negative behavior (Aveyard et al., 2008).
Evaluation of the Results

Effective application and implementation of the Trans-theoretical Model would result into quitting of the smoking behavior. Elements of change are measured in two crucial methods: decisional balance and situational self-efficacy. In case the individual adopts and implements the Trans-theoretical Model effectively, she would have the opportunity to make vital decision in relation to the pros and cons evaluation. This reflects the decisional balance thus achievement of the goal during contemplation stage. The second stage initiates the achievement of the goals and objectives in that the individual decide on what to do through critical evaluation of the pros and cons of the negative behavior. Its achievement is reflected in the development of the action or quitting technique. The other refection of quality implementation of the stages is the achievement of self-efficacy thus the ability to adopt and maintain the positive behavior as a replacement for the smoking behavior. This is evident in the measuring of the temptation of the individual in relation to the previous behavior. If the individual has the ability to maintain the new, positive behavior, then the plan is successful in the elimination of the negative aspect of life such as smoking in this context. The individual will have the ability to fight any element of temptation to fall back to the previous unwanted behavior (Christopher et al., 2008).


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