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Title: Woody 2000 Project Outline

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Essay Instructions: Project:

This is the first assignment which is week (6) outline
There will be a follow up due week (8) and final project due week (10)

The first part is required by next Tuesday morning 18 March 11PM EST, 1000 words (Max).

Follow up submission of outline due Tuesday 2 April (prob 1000 words)
Final project due Tuesday 16 April. (3000 max plus giant chart, project overview statement. Project network diagram, RBS, WBS, etc.)

Cant have any missed deadlines here. I have 3 other assignments that I will do but need help on this one, So a writer who can do the complete project is needed.

This week you will be starting work on your Final Project for this module. The purpose of the Final Project is to apply the concepts and techniques of the module to the analysis of the development of a statement of work (SOW), work breakdown structure (WBS), project network diagram, and Gantt chart based on the following case study:
Wideman, M. (n.d.) Project management case study: the custom woodworking company ? Woody 2000 project [Online]. Available from:
(Accessed: 2 February 2011).
Your task for Week 6 is to examine the case study and prepare a Project Proposal that describes how you plan to solve the problems mentioned in the case study. The Project Proposal must clearly outline the background of the Woody 2000 project, how you plan to solve the problem as well as what you will deliver for the Final Project. The Proposal must also include how you will approach the creation of a project plan using either MS Project or OpenProj. Next, your proposal should include a plan on how you will address the softer issues of project management, such as the roles of key players, the scope of the work, the POS, and so on. Then, you will discuss how you plan to address time, resources, and cost issues required to execute the tasks and complete the project effectively and efficiently.

Please refer to attachments in email for full assignment, expectations, some source material and project management software download, and examples of final project.

Thank you

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Title: Woody 2000 Project Outline

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Essay Instructions: All files are provided.

File 1 includes the assignment required "in red" and the Woody 2000 project details.

File 2 includes the previous week assignment I submitted for this project which was marked as a "B".

File 3 includes the feedback from the lecturer for the previous week assignment which includes what he expected and recommended improvements.

File 4 includes what is expected for this week "in red"

The referencing you use will be used for the final project
Wysocki, R. K. (2012) Effective Project Management: Traditional, Agile, Extreme. 6th Ed. Indianapolis: Wiley & Sons Inc. must be one of them as this is our text book!

You provided previous order A2088525, which was way off what was expected from the lecturer, so please allocate a writer who actually knows what they are doing.

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Title: Woody 2000 project

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Essay Instructions: Using this website,, write a four page paper answering the following questions:

1. Was the Woody 2000 project well conceived? Give reasons for your opinion.
2. What were Woody's real objectives that could and should have been articulated?
3. What strategies were there for achieving these objectives? What would you recommend?
4. Did they consider other solutions? Give Examples.
5. How would you gauge the project's success? Could success be measured? If so, when?

One inch margins and do not use quotations.

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Title: Woody 2000 Project

Total Pages: 4 Words: 1250 Sources: 3 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: Analyze the facts of the case.
The situation analysis is a necessary first step to understand the nature of the problems found in this case study and, subsequently, define a project that will address the key issues in the Woody 2000 Project. The case is the Custom Woodworking Company - Woody 2000 Project ( Each page must contain atleast 300 words per essaytowns guidelines, subject headings not included . One inch margins. Do not use quotes. APA style. Use atleast 3 references and one of them will be the website with the case on it. Use the following as subject headings.

* The financial impacts of the problems on revenues and costs;
* The reasons changes are necessary;
* How the organization will benefit from making changes;
* The expected outcomes of the project;
* How success of the project will be judged and measured.

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