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Woody 2000 -- Project Outline

The Woody 2000 project represents an industrial facilities expansion for a growing small-to-midsize (SME) business that produces custom furniture and cabinets. This SME, The Custom Woodworking Company, has designated a seventeen million dollar project budget with the goal of adding an equivalent of twenty five percent to their existing production floor space as well as introducing some modern equipment with some level of automation. The project is to be managed a company known as Expert Industrial Developers (EID) who has been contract on a cost plus basis after the project stakeholders refused an initial offer of twenty million dollar project budget with an estimated eighteen month project duration.

Company Background

Custom Woodwork Company (Woody's) began as a small scale furniture business that is now medium scale, manufacturing cabinets and furniture for industrial estates. Currently, the asset base is over $180 million with revenues over $96 million.

Project Objectives

The mini boom in commercial construction and possible expansion of the airport presented an opportunity for Woody.
Woody needs to expand manufacturing to take advantage of this opportunity and plans to expand production by 25%, increase the compressor capacity and introduce new software to automate the train. The maximum budget is $17 million for this project.

Project Issues and Response Plan

PMI, (2008, p. 6) distinguishes project management as "the application of knowledge, skills, tools and techniques to project activities to meet the project requirements." To successfully deliver the project within the 18 months' timeframe, $17 million budget and within design and process specifications, the application of all 5 process groups and 9 knowledge areas are necessary, as well as the application of MS Project. Several different aspects of poor project management were identified upon review of this case. These range from typical project implications that are a result of scope creep to poor communication and change management processes throughout the duration of the project.

The first aspect to project management that was deemed to be insufficient in this project was risk management. There seemed to be.....

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