Woody 2000

The project proposed herein involves identifying optimal approaches to the expansion of the existing workspace and installation of a production train for The Custom Woodworking Company (hereinafter alternatively "Woody's" or "the company"), a custom furniture and millwork manufacturer headquartered in British Columbia. The company's longstanding reputation for high quality products has created a need for this additional workspace and more efficient manufacturing processes.

Overview of Plan and Implementation

The overarching objective of this project will be four-fold as follows:

Identify key players and their respective roles in the project;

Determine how MS Project can be used to support and oversee the project's progress;


Construct a finishing shop featuring additional compressor capacity; and,


Install a semi-automated production train.


Nature of the Proposed Research

The nature of the proposed research will be to identify optimal approaches to using MS Project 2007 for project management applications using the...
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