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Title: Interdisciplinary studies disciplines Womens Studies and Communication

Total Pages: 4 Words: 1244 Bibliography: 4 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: Compile a list of the following information for each of the concentration areas/disciplines (Womens Studies and Communication) This means you will be answering each of the following prompts twice ??" once for each of the two disciplines investigated.

Use the headings below as section headings in the paper, and be sure to address each of the prompts thoroughly.Responses to each of the following prompts deserves to be at least 1-1.5 pages of well-written, well-researched information for each of the disciplines.

1. Key Concepts
All fields use concepts (terms that describe specific phenomena within a field). List and carefully describe at least five concepts associated with each of the disciplines. Are these concepts described differently in any other disciplines that you may be familiar with? What are some of the key concepts associated with this field?
2. Current Theories
Theories explains or predict why something happens the way it happens. Provide a detailed description of three theories associated with each of the given disciplines (women's studies and communication.)

• Cite at least one textbook associated with each of the disciplines
• Cite one or two additional sources of interest.

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Title: Class Assignment last

Total Pages: 2 Words: 600 Sources: 0 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: Review the compilation of the responses of the various contributors to this course to the question: What is the vital work of feminism and Women's Studies. While the answers varied; all of us agreed that action was a vital component of engaging feminsim. In your 500+ word response, indicate how you would respond to this question: What, for you, is the vital work feminism and Women's Studies calls for and performs?

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Title: Introduce myself to the class

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Essay Instructions: The class name is Women's Studies.
I have to Introduce myself to womens studies' class . This essay has to be based on individual experience regarding women's studies (feminism and so on).
I will send you an example essay (my professor sameple essay). Since you do not know anything about me, you can pretend you are actually taking this course which means that you can assume as you are introducing yourself.
(by the way, I am a male.)

I will upload additional articles to read about women's studies for general knowledge and the course.

general info about women's studies and my course:
Women's Studies is
-interdisciplinary in nature,
-focused on girls' and women's lives and experiences (as well as the experiences of boys and men),
-cross-cultural in its analyses,
-indebted to various historical perspectives.
Throughout the course, I will frame various conversations with colleagues in terms of how they
came to Women's Studies and to feminism.

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Title: Interdisiplinary Studies BIS College Programs Research

Total Pages: 4 Words: 1382 Works Cited: 4 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: Topic: Interdisciplinary Studies (BIS) College Programs
Assignment: ??" IDS Web Exploration (about 4 pages plus supporting documentation)

Preparation: Get on the Internet and search academic interdisciplinary programs as well as interdisciplinary work efforts and other types of interdisciplinary projects. Be sure to cite your sources appropriately.
Examples of what to search:
• Interdisciplinary
• Interdisciplinary studies / interdisciplinary projects / interdisciplinary business /interdisciplinary work, etc...
• Knowledge integration / integrative thinking / integrative research, etc...
• Transdisciplinary / multidisciplinary / cross-disciplinary

Then respond to the following questions / prompts. Be sure to address all aspects of each prompt! Please include each specific prompt/question in the paper.

1) Search out some of the different interdisciplinary studies programs offered by other colleges / universities. Be sure to carefully peruse at least three to five other degree-granting interdisciplinary / organizational studies programs.
-Based on your exploration, what similarities and differences stand out to you?
-How does Arizona State University's BIS program compare? Be sure to include the website addresses for the sites you discuss.

2) In addition to investigating different types of interdisciplinary degree programs, find some examples of interdisciplinary projects that involve multiple disciplines / perspectives. Describe these interdisciplinary endeavors.
-What makes these projects / programs interdisciplinary? Try to find some interdisciplinary endeavors in industry (not just at research universities) as well. Be sure to include the website addresses for the sites you discuss. If you’re having trouble here, try searching for projects or initiatives that you know to be complex (world hunger, nanotechnology, fighting terrorism, economic stimulus, etc.)

3) Find at least one website that discusses a topic, problem or issue that you think is a prime example of the integration of Communication and Women's Studies specifically.Describe how they are being integrated. Discuss how knowledge may be integrated across each of concentration areas (Communication and Women's Studies) and why this integrative effort is important with respect to the topic / issue at hand. Be sure to include the website addresses for the sites you discuss.

4) Based on your web-based investigations, identify three issues or problems that the world is facing today that you believe would require extensive interdisciplinary collaboration in order to effectively address. Carefully describe these issues and identify / discuss relevant disciplines and their possible contributions.

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