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This is significant as it indicates that the problem that women have with eating disorders, which is often connected to a negative body image, poor self-esteem and a desire to be perfect, is spreading or increasing. Rather than having a better grip on this problem than we did ten years ago, experts might understand it better, the disease is now becoming more widespread.

The study of eating disorders would be something that would be ideal for one to study as an integration of communication and women's studies, as eating disorders are a condition that mainly impact women (though male eating disorders are on the rise, (Corbin, 2012). Eating disorders are tied up with negative feelings that stem from a range of issues, the impact and expectations of the media and society and an inability to communicate about difficult feelings. "Anorexics often lack the communication skills to express painful feelings, such as a need for attention, fear of growing up, or desire for independence. Controlling food intake is a way to cope with such troubling emotions "(, 2012). An inability to discuss uncomfortable emotions, feelings and anxieties is a common thread linking a range of eating disorders and is why a combined focus of women studies and communication could very aptly address this issue.

Issues in the World Today

Unfortunately, our flawed world has a host of issues and problems that interdisciplinary research could effectively addresses and forseeably shed a range of light on the topic. For example, the phenomenon of child sex trafficking is one of the saddest evils of our day. This is a problem that interdisciplinary research could provide a more comprehensive understanding of and hopefully via this better comprehension allow researchers, lawmakers and human rights activists to better combat it. For instance, this problem could be adequately addressed through the interdisciplinary lens of economics, child abuse (for the sex workers and those who seek out their services), political science and human rights.

As stated earlier, the problem of eating disorders is a major issue afflicting the world today and is something that can be better understood through the combination of programs like communication and women's studies.
However, other interdisciplinary combinations would equally shed light on this issue such as media studies, advertising, art, psychology, and photography. These disciplines could provide insight into how the female form is viewed aesthetically in art and the media and how that has changed over time; psychology can demonstrate how an eating disorder is a negative manifestation of what's going on inside of a trouble psyche.

The high divorce rate is another trend that could benefit from interdisciplinary research. Disciplines like economics, gender studies, and psychology could tremendously illuminate this issue. Economics could demonstrate how marriage is no longer a necessity for women as it was in the past -- women are no longer dependent on men to be breadwinners. Gender studies can demonstrate how gender roles between men and women have changed over time and how that has impact marriages. Psychology can demonstrate how people's expectations of marriage and their ability or lack of ability to problem solve can impact whether or not they have a happy union.

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