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Title: Why are White People called Caucasian

Total Pages: 2 Words: 716 Bibliography: 2 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: Write a response paper: How does Nell Irvin Painter’s article “Why are White People called Caucasian?” explain the origins of ‘scientific racism?’ What was driving Hans Blumenbach’s (and others’) obsession with classification and color?

You can find this article in pdf online.

If you use sources please make citations(with the page numbers) also since english is my second language please use easy and clear sentences.

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Essay Instructions: I am having a hard time getting started on my research paper. I want an example introduction written for me to help me get started. I have never written a research paper before and i need help.

Topic - White guilt ( I read a book called Uprooting Racism by Paul Kivel, it basically highlights how White were the advantaged group and Blacks were not. the author also talks about White guilt, how White people are starting to feel guilty and the excuses that they make in order to exempt themselves from being racist White people. They make excuses like i have friend that are black or i was bought up in the same situation as them.

Arguments which should be included in the introduction. - Affirmative action - Political correctness - Terms have changed not to sound racist - Feminist theories - racism is reversed - now there's competition - race no longer matters for getting a job or going to school - Variety of reasons for the moving away from racism (why) - when did Whites start to feel guilty - why do Whites feel guilty.

Timeline - mid 20th Century

This is for 1st year University Canadian History course. use history Journals, I have to at least 12 sources.

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Title: Whiteness as a Social Construction

Total Pages: 4 Words: 1688 References: 0 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: I absolutely need this by Sunday - Dec. 15th Thank you!

1. Write an essay on whiteness as a social construction. Draw on class theories and concepts to
discuss the features of whiteness. Illustrate your answer with examples. Note: Please do not talk
about racism, only ?whiteness? and how it constructs with our society.

Incorporate these following key points word for word (if possible) into the essay some where.

?Whiteness is a value system that Privileges certain people Whiteness privileges itself as the
standard in humanity. It is not primarily about ?race?.

?Whiteness is? (Here are some theories and notes outlined in class). You can include theories
from an author named ?Bell Hooks? to help you with this paper.

Social construction (because race is a social construction)
Invisible, unmarked and un-named is the basis of its power
Positions itself as the norm/standard.
The universality of whiteness
Seen as non raced.
White privilege: An invisible knapsack of historical privileges based on domination
Problems in investigating and questioning whiteness
?Me too ism? is contemporary whiteness
- defensiveness & reactiveness
- guilt & paralysis of discussion

Examples of Whitness:

1) Education - This is where we see the everyday usage of whiteness (i.e., white race
usually dominates the type of clothing & trends you see in stores).

2) Food/Grocery Stores (i.e., you will see sections in the market that sell Asian food,
Mexican food, Italian or Oriental food).

3) Workplace - (i.e., some people are gone/absent from work for different religious
holidays. The workplace tends to look down upon celebrating certain
religions/holidays (even if they don?t intend to) that some cultures might want to

3) Law - The Legislature primarily are Caucasian (white) who make the laws we live

?Vil Dyer? traces 2 lines of research: (include in paper if possible)

a) Genealogical Perspective
b) Biological: Whiteness is evidenced through genetics (i.e., Darwinism is a racist

Mention the following information:

How history is about people who have the ?power? to interpret the world (i.e., people who write
our history books are primarily of the white origin).

?Me to ism? means people will say/feel that certain things are not good enough for them. They
desire to feel included (minorities).

White reactiveness - Frames a response of ?very emotional? (we are concerned about you) to
white people. Minorities should not be denied their anger (it should be viewed as productive).

Paradox of Whiteness - Some contradictions of whiteness (i.e., women who have children of
another color are usually looked down upon because the white society expects white women
(Caucasian) to maintain the ?white race? & white women are viewed negatively when seen with a
person of another color.

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Title: The Many Costs of Racism

Total Pages: 5 Words: 1446 Works Cited: 0 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: The Many Costs of Racism
Summarizing and Augmenting Joe Feagin and Karyn McKinney

In the paper, do the following:

1. What are the many costs of racism? Summarize the key arguments that Joe Feagin and Karyn McKinney make in The Many Costs of Racism.

2. Think about what you have seen, heard, or experienced in your own life regarding race relations and racial/ethnic inequality. Provide at least four “pieces” of evidence that provide additional support to Feagin and McKinney’s general argument. Make it clear how these examples support their argument.

3. Drawing on The Many Costs of Racism, discuss the multiple ways in which people of color “cope with,” “respond to,” and/or resist racism.

4. Discuss the many ways in which white people (with or without government programs) can work to reduce racial inequality in America.

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