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Consequent to this, being aware of the discrimination he or she experienced in their last workplace, the individual (even if he or she is extremely talented in what they do) is expected to get a job where they would feel less stress, but where they would no longer be able to make use of their abilities. As a result, racism harms society for the fact that it prevents a talented individual from bringing their services to the community, and in addition to that it harms the individual, who ends up depressed and with a job that they do not enjoy doing.

The general public normally relates to white people when they think about civilization. Society taught them that white people are the cause of progress and that they came and brought civilization to the underdeveloped non-white individuals. With the technology in Egypt and the ones from the Aztecs and the Mayans receiving lesser coverage than the one in other areas of the planet which are mainly inhabited by white people, it is perfectly natural for non-white individuals to feel that they are less capable of assisting the process of development.

White people are constantly reminded that it was their ancestors who perfected technology. By oppressing other races, white people made it possible for the future non-white generations to feel less confident about their abilities.

Because of the events that it experienced, the African-American community has devised ingenious methods of evading the damages of racial discrimination. From an early age, black people in the U.S. are taught that racism is common and that they should yield to its stressfulness.

The numerous anti-racists movements in the twentieth century leaded by influential black people such as Martin Luther King Jr. And Harriet Tubman brought significant advances to the fight against racism, or at least against the effects of racism, as discrimination did not stop along with these movements.

Black individuals have gone as far as learning the clues indicating that they are going to be discriminated and are prepared to deal with the offenses that they are presented with in a relaxed manner, instead of being mentally affected by these events.
Anger management is one of the foremost mental powers that need to be controlled by black people when they are victims of discrimination.

An effective method of combating discrimination that was perfected during the recent decades is the educational response to racism. When they are offended, black people respond by teaching white individuals where they are wrong and that it is not rational to discriminate. While this is one of the best practices employed by black people in fighting discrimination, it is not one of the most common.

A large number of black individuals prefer to ignore those that discriminate them. However, this is unlikely to produce good results, as it can influence racists to continue discriminating and even to take the process further as they observe that their victims are not willing to respond. Concomitantly, black persons learn that it is perfectly normal for them to be discriminated and they wind up with accepting racism as being something that will never go away.

While it would be absurd to claim that all white people are racists, it is not illogical to consider that some are responsible for the existence or racism, even when they are not racists. By being indifferent to the racist behavior displayed by others, some are actually contributing to the unfairness. Thus, everyone should get actively involved in fighting racism in order for it to be ameliorated and eventually ended.

There are numerous white people engaged in fighting racism, but sometimes it is even harder for them to deal with the situation, as they are considered by racists to be even worse than the people that they support. In spite of the fact that most cases of racism presented in "The Many Costs of Racism" relate to racial discrimination in the workplace, the book offers thorough insight in one of America's worst problems. Whites and blacks alike need to act immediately in order for their communities and their individual lives to improve.

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