Whiteness as a Non-Race

Paradoxes of Whiteness

History of Domination

Problems of Whiteness Studies

Me too ism"

The study of Whiteness is fraught with controversy. While many theorists confuse Whiteness studies with studies on racism, other theorists believe Whiteness is a social reconstruction. This paper endeavors to explore the idea of Whiteness being a social reconstruction. Whiteness privileges will be identified as well as characteristics of Whiteness that allows it to continue to survive in an era where political correctness and affirmative action are present in people's minds. Examples of whiteness in different life areas will be examined and "me too ism" as a defence and reaction on the part of white people will be investigated.


The controversy regarding Whiteness has not been laid to rest. While many theorists argue that it cannot be separated from the theme of racism, other analysts believe Whiteness is a social construction and...
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