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Title: Travel Project

Total Pages: 2 Words: 631 Bibliography: 4 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: Travel Project

Will need to be presented in a two pages single-spaced word document Times New Roman 12pts.

1. 1. To begin, narrow down your study to one particular city (be creative, grab an atlas or search online
I chose Cape Town which locates in south Africa... so my paper will be about Cape Town.

2. Discuss the possibilities for one specific form of tourism in your chosen city. You must provide factual information about your chosen geographical location; however your planned tour can either be a reality or your creative genius. The best research projects will incorporate aspects of local physical features, and cultural dynamics.

3. Keep a running list of your references.

*First page: Why do you think someone should go to that city
*Try to promote the city
-Why you choose this city / one particular you are promoting for tourism or one type of tourism
*Be creative about the tour
*physical location
*exchange of culture
*what are the benefits

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Title: Blog post

Total Pages: 3 Words: 1043 Sources: 0 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: Write a blog post on one of the topic below. (2page) and then write an email (1page) to a journalist. In that email you should tell why your blog is important enough for me to read and then write a news story about.
topics are;(choose one of them)

1) travel blog for the easter weekend. (where to go, where to stay, with family or couple, luxury places, including Europe, asia etc)
2) travel blog for the new year 2012 or 2013 (where to go, where to stay, with family or couple, luxury places, including Europe, asia etc)

if you have any interesting ideas to write about please let me know before you do besides these topics.

The email is called a "pitch" email.

Here are some examples of that email;
Dear Ms. Sozmen,
Although this is short notice, I came across something new regarding the earth, the world population's excess use of energy, and a creative initiative to reflect on this problem: Earth Hour.
Earth Hour is based in Sydney, Australia but it is a worldwide initiative to save electricity for one whole hour. On March 31, 2012, at 8:30 pm local time, people throughout the world are turning off their lights and other electrical gadgets for one hour.
With this, Earth Hour's YouTube channel created the I Will if You Will platform, which allows participants to create "bids" regarding green initiatives and their participants. Users can log on with their YouTube, Facebook or Twitter accounts and "accept" the challenge. Once the number of users have reach the challenge quota, the bid proposer will act on their offers.
I believe that Earth Hour is an incredible global celebration in order to save and reflect on ones energy use.
For more questions, please feel free to contact me directly.
Sincerely, Melissa Assa

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Another example,

Hi, Chuck.
I hope you remember speaking with me on the phone a couple of weeks ago about my client,, the website that offers innovative Jewish rituals that are rooted in tradition. You told me that you would like to interview Ritualwell's editor, Rabbi Roni Handler, for a possible story on your blog and perhaps for Gay Voices at Huff Post.

You will recall that we originally spoke about Passover rituals that were inclusive for the LGBTQ community. That is still a relevant topic, of course, but when I spoke with Roni she suggested that you might also be interested in writing about the entire LGBTQ section that Ritualwell features. One of the more interesting rituals they offer is a Coming Out Ceremony, which you can see here in their "Coming Out" section: And there is a section on "Gender Tranisitioning," which you will find here:

Ritualwell is gearing up for wedding season, when they get a lot of requests and suggestions for innovative wedding rituals, gay and straight. Since same-sex marriage is so much in the news of late, Roni thought that this story angle might also be of interest to you. The wedding section is called "Sanctifying Intimate Relationships," and you will see it here:

Roni is available to speak with you by phone sometime tomorrow afternoon (Monday, April 2), as well as on Tuesday, April 3, from 10 to 11 a.m. or anytime after 2:00 p.m. Please let me know if one of these times works for you. I do hope that you are still interested in speaking with Roni. (She loved your piece on Purim, btw.)

If you use any sources please cite them. Thank you

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Essay Instructions: The case study: Buying travel on-line choosing a strategy for the internet age which can be found in 5th edition Strategic Management Richard Lynch page 425-429. And can also forward you the case study via e-mail
Executive Summary ((half a page)
Answer to question 1: If you were moving into the market for internet travel as a small company, which, if any, of the five described in this chapter would you employ? You can also consider the use of classic prescriptive strategy if you wish.
Answer to question 2: Are there any strategy routes that you would definitely not employ as a small company? Why?
Answer to question 3: If you were an established internet provider, which strategy routes would you select to develop your presence further? Why? Give examples of current practice where possible
Answer to question 4: How will the internet impact on travel in the future? Would it be more beneficial to use emergent strategies - if so, which strategy and how should they be used?
5. Conclusion (half a page)
6. Recommendation (half a page)
7. Bibliography (half a page)

Excerpt From Essay:

Essay Instructions: Essay: Comparative Analysis

The student must choose one of the following:

? At least two or three authors from the same/very similar cultural backgrounds
? At least two or three authors/artists of popular culture / popular media from different cultural
? At least two or three authors of Travel Journal/Travel Diaries (fiction is not acceptable) from
different cultural backgrounds

Working individually, write a 6 page (double-spaced) comparative review, analysing the similarities and differences in cultural perspectives on nature, natural resources and the environment ( and/or tourism). Your analyses must lead to the evaluation of culture (traditional and/or popular) as a means to understand environmental perspectives in a particular place at a particular time frame.

In addition to your key readings/sources for analyses, at least 5 academic references and 5 nonacademic references are required. All the referencing (in-text and List of References) must be in Harvard Reference style. Use the appendices effectively where you may want to include extra information.

Although you are comparing only a few authors/media, your analyses must demonstrate the breadth of your knowledge in ?culture and environmental (and/or tourism)? issues, external influential factors such as globalisation issues, social trends, economics, technology, culture/traditions, religion/philosophy and so on.

Excerpt From Essay:

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