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The Stellenbosch Wine Route covers the area around that city; the Constantia wine route is the oldest in Africa and the Durbanville wine route is an up-and-coming tour with unique cellars, horse racing and ample opportunities for high-adventure outdoor recreation (South Africa Guide, 2010). Many wineries and towns along these routes now have guesthouses to host visitors, and wonderful restaurants, to create the most idyllic experience possible.

Back in the city, the wine scene is supported with a number of excellent restaurants. Trendy restaurants feature the region's best and most exclusive wines -- the good stuff we keep for ourselves -- and the bold, innovative cuisine to match. Unbothered by adherence to stiff rules, South African chefs infuse the world's great culinary traditions, leaving no stone unturned to create the ultimate experience for enjoying Western Cape wine. From there, the rest of the city's many pleasures awaits. If you prefer a touch of the exotic or something closer to your own, there is something for every taste in South Africa.
There can be no doubt that visitors to Cape Town will take something with them, but they will leave something too. We loved hosting the world last June and we learn from the experiences and stories shared by our friends from around the world. Just as you bring much to us, we will leave you with a joy of life that you may never have known if you failed to visit the world's most beautiful city, Cape Town.

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