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Title: Toothpaste

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Essay Instructions: Our Macroeconomics book is Macroeconomics by Mcconcell Brue and Flynn 18th Edition. We are only through the first 8 chapters and we are to use the information presented in those chapters to respond to the following question. This is only the very basic economic principles. This is not a research paper, but rather a critical analysis of a certain situation or case study.

The case: Toothpaste is Toothpaste?
In October of 1991 I had the opportunity to travel to the "Soviet Union". At that time the Soviet Union was in political and economic turmoil. The "command economy" was failing and what was the Soviet Union was reverting to individual entities. Food, and consumer goods were in short supply. After fifty years of "command" decisions, individual and companies were trying to come to grips with the elementary aspects of the "market."
After addressing a group business executives, where I talked about the concept of "consumer choices", I was asked the following question by the director of a manufacturing company.
He said, "Help me understand something. You have talked about products and choices. Tell me how many kinds of toothpaste are available in your country." I responded that there were many different brands of toothpaste. Some with special flavors, special additives and a variety of sizes and shapes. Depending on the brand, the size, the additive etc., they are sold for different prices. The director said, in all seriousness, "Why? Toothpaste is toothpaste, you clean your teeth with it, you only need one choice."
Hum. . .good point. Ok, now what would you have said to him. Why are there different brands, flavors etc. Wouldn't it be more efficient if there was just one choice and one price? Wouldn't that serve society better?
Answer the Directors question. Use concepts that we have studied so far in the course. What ever points you make in answering the question, be sure to justify the positions that you take. Although the question was about a specific product, you should generalize to the economy as a whole.

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Title: Colgate toothpast

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Essay Instructions: First thing i want one sprite page outline of my marketing plane
Then write the marketing plane in individual pages

This is a group project so i will write only my section so our team idea is to write about adding different types of flavours such as chocolate , strawberry , banana for the children toothpaste or people who dislike mint flavour and renaming the brand with the new product . also i would like you to draw the new product then describe in details what is the

Marketing plan for 12 months
Topic :Colgate (toothpaste) it has to be an Australian focus
Purpose : to modify an existing product or add a new product to an existing product range to an EXISTING BRAND in the Australian Market .
Introduction :
200 words , purpose to outline what the following sections will address and some company background information
Provide relevant background information on the organization . this may include some details of the organization’s history, size, locations , number of employees, revenue , profitability and so on.

Situation analysis :
1400 words also includes SWOT and adjectives section
This section is an overview of the industry and is not specific to the brand of product you choose . At this point in time, you are trying to set the scene as to justify your decision in the following sections
Please note :only include those sections relevant to your product category
Political forces :
Examine the relevant political forces affecting or potentially affecting the organization . political factors requiring consideration include political stability, government policy trade agreement , and taxation arrangements . the specific political forces most relevant to your organisation will vary and may be domestic or international in nature, or both( if there is nothing to do with politic you do not have to write about it
Economic forces :
Describe the macro-environment economic forces that influence the organization and the market, for example, interest rates , economic growth , consumer confidence , income levels. Savings levels , the availability of credit, unemployment levels and exchange rates.
Sociocultural forces :
Describe the Sociocultural forces at work in the organization’s market . social and cultural forces that may influence the organization include religion , subcultures , multiculturalism , beliefs ,attitudes and population trends . organizations operating internationally may face quite varied sociocultural
Forces in each of their country-specific markets.
Technological forces:
Consider how technology can be used to offer better value to customers . this should include an examination of how technology may support innovation across various aspects of the marketing mix. Technological change can offer significant opportunities and threats and should be examined based on available information.

Legal forces:
Legal and regulatory forces govern many aspects of an organisation’s operations . legal forces include legislation in place locally such as the trade practices Act as well as international conventions and agreements.

Competitor analysis:
Examine the micro-environmental competition factors at play, including the type of competition (pure, monopolistic, oligopoly, monopoly, monophony)and each level of competition ( total budget, generic, product, brand) the competitor analysis should be broad so as to capture all relevant competition issues. Typically, you are to identify direct competitors and indirect competitors and state( with supporting sources) why they are direct/indirect competitors. you can put competitor analysis in a table(optional).
Customer / client analysis:
Describe the needs and wants of the organisation’s actual and potential customers/ clients. This should include current needs and wants, customer preferences , possible changes to needs and wants and extent to which the organization can influence customer preferences.
The purpose of this section is to identify the CURRENT target customers NOT the one’s you may choose to target. You need to accurately identify who they are.

SWOT analysis:
Please present this section in table format .
Note: the purpose is to identify ( IN DETAIL) the strengths, weaknesses , opportunities and threats facing the organization/ brand currently. When completing this section. Please provide detail e.g., opportunity: to increase brand reputation ( if not good enough ) you can state this, however, i want to know how you expect to do this ( just briefly but it needs to be identified)

The organisation’s favourable internal characteristics . remember, strengths are factors that the organization can directly influence.
• Right now what does Colgate do well
• What makes Colgate stand out from Weaknesses

The organisation’s unfavourable internal characteristics . remember, strengths are factors that the organization can directly influence.
• What Colgate has weaknesses
• What does not Colgate do well?
• What do your customer complain about ?

External factors that are potentially favourable to the organisation, because opportunities are external to the organization , they are not directly controllable.
• Future
• New market target Threats

External factors that are potentially unfavourable to the organisation. Like
opportunities ,threats are not directly
controllable by the organisation .
• natural disaster

The professors would like to see in this marketing plane
Explain the different dimensions marketers use to segment consumer and business-to-business markets
Explain how marketers develop a targeting strategy
Understand how a company develops and implements a positioning strategy
Explain how marketers practice customer relationship management to increase long-term success and profits
Also why to segment consumer markets ( psychographic , activities , opinions , interests)
(demographics such as age , family structure, income )
This is example for the Functions of Packaging for the product for Colgate you don’t have to change lots of details it is already in the website you have only to change the flavors and draw the fruit , then add narrow to describe it

I’m an international student so English is my second language so could you write it in simple an easy language to read and i live in Australia so all the resources has to be Australian resource from google scholar if you can and academic
Thank you very much
i will uplode the picture for you

There are faxes for this order.

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Essay Instructions: Current Colgate Palmolive toothbrush and toothpaste product and pricing strategy and analysis

Evaluation of current products positioning and life cycle
Evaluation of current product and branding relationships
Evaluation of current pricing methods and price adaptation strategies.
Recommendations for pricing and product strategies.

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Title: Course work

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Essay Instructions: Need approx 1-2 paragraphs for each discussion of the three discussions

Discussion 1: “Distribution levels.” Students will respond to the following:

o Decide which distribution intensity level ??" intensive, selective, or exclusive ??" is used for the following products, and describe why that particular distribution level is important. In addition, determine and diagram the channel structure of each.
- Rolex watches
- Coach purses
- Land Rover sport utility vehicles
- M & M's
- Special edition Barbie dolls
- Crest toothpaste

• Discussion 2: Chapter 14 Video: “Sephora - Supply Chain Management” located in the course shell under the Week 7 tab. Students will respond to the following:
o Determine why is it important to customers that Sephora keep detailed information about its inventory?
o Explain what does Sephora do to insure its inventory numbers are accurate?
o Describe how Sephora manages its supply chain and the importance of doing so?
o Determine what information goes into deciding which suppliers become incorporated into the supply chain? (probably need to cut and paste into browser)

(Video 13 and 14)

• Discussion 3: “Chapter 15 Ethics Exercise.” Students will respond to the following:
Determine the reasons low-cost retailers should or should not be required to locate near low-income customers?

o Compose suggestions that you would give the city council to attract low-cost retailers to locate near low-income customers?

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