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Title: Appropriating Technology in Ways that make a difference for Student Understanding

Total Pages: 20 Words: 5835 References: 20 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: Thoughts and ideas:

Technology Specialists

Essential teaching tools... UBD, Star Legacy etc
How does using Understanding By Design, Star Legacy and other instructional tools provide for deep understanding?

How do we conclude that these instructional techniques are effective for developing and deepening student understanding of Essential questions, Big ideas etc?

Conclusions from research and case studies on effective technology integration.
Testing and Evaluating

Standards and Applications
What are the NY State Technology Standards?
Why are standards necessary?
How do we as technology specialists apply them?

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Title: multi polar world

Total Pages: 3 Words: 901 Works Cited: 4 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: thoughts about a multi-polar world

Do you think that we are living in a world of multi-polarity now? Agree or Disagree
If you Disagree, who is the global power ... Is it still the United States or maybe some other country? Explain why.
Do they have the necessary features to be a global power?
What will be these new global powers international responsibilities?

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Title: Traditional Chinese Thoughts

Total Pages: 6 Words: 1976 Bibliography: 6 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: Topic: Human nature has been a subject of debate amongst the classical Chinese philosophers. Please present your understanding of this concept by focusing on one or two Chinese philosophers' perspective. (Written in English 30%, 2000 words)
1. Please focus on these two Chinese philosophers Confucianism: Confucius and Moism: Mozi
2. 'debate' can be an outline of the similarity and difference between these two philosophers, etc
3. you can link Confucianism and Moism with other Chinese philosophers, such as:
Xun Zi (Hsun Tzu)
Lao Zi (Lao Tsu)
Zhuang Zi
4. please use relevant quotes from references you have found.

CHN212 ??" Assessment Marking Rubric
Grasp of the task and focus
Proposed topic is clearly and succinctly stated.
Effectively communicates the problem to be investigated, or the question to be answered.
Offers a clear and critical or novel pathway of research and investigation.

Knowledge of content and Research
Uses a wide diversity of at least 10 sources to effectively outline the key issues in the topic and demonstrate the significance of the proposed research.
Demonstrates a systematic evaluation and integration of relevant literature into the outline of the proposed problem to be investigated or question to be answered
Draws connections between these resources.
Research proposal uses self-located resources to advance engaging and thought-provoking ideas.
Demonstrates evidence of significant insight and original thought in the proposed investigation or analysis

Innovative judgement in the selection or arrangement of materials is very clear, support and justification of proposed research is clear and compelling.

Many original thoughts and ideas, such as novel analyses, a creative argument, or a novel theme, which closes matches the material presented in the literature.

Clear, engaging and logical structure announced in the introduction and conclusion and followed through in the main body
Excellent use of paragraphs and topic sentences to support announced structure.
Structure is self-designed and reflects creative understanding or how writing may be used effectively to address a task.

Spelling errors are extremely rare.
Understands clearly how to present ideas in a concise, accessible and engaging fashion to readers.
Discerning use of information to advance arguments and prompt readers to embrace new ideas.

Referencing and Ethical Use of Materials
References conform to the standards set out in ‘Writing Essays and Referencing’.
Understands that references are needed for quotes as well as paraphrased sentences.

Assessment task response is in order, complete and legible.

Has completed the rubric.
Understands how self-assessment may be used to strengthen future work.
Suggests clear goals and strategies for improvement.

Thank you very much.

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Essay Instructions: I have to do a food for thought project has to be a head start meal, a main course, and desert. you have to figure out the amount of ingredients to serve ten people for each dish. do not use spaghetti and meatballs, brownies, or ceaser salad recipe.I uploaded the info for this project.

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