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Brazilian exporters have diversified trading partners.

The emerging economies have come to the rescue of world leading economies with their financial bailouts. This they have done on condition that the International Monetary Fund (IMF) increases their voting share by around 6%. This is an indication that emerging economies are now demanding even greater share power. The United States spirited objection to joining IMF bail out fund characterized by the Congress increased embrace of isolationist economic policies is an indication that the U.S. is no longer a superpower as people initially believed. In fact, its share of global GDP which was 25% in 1980 declined to 19% in 2011 (Sachs, 2012). It is projected to hit a record low of 18% in 2017. By this time, China shall have overtaken the United States economy in absolute size.

With the emergence of BRICS and smaller powers like Nigeria and Turkey we no longer live in a uni-polar but a multi-polar world. The United States has since shifted to free riding mode in global leadership. It currently excuses itself from global cooperation when it comes to climate change, IMF financial bailout packages, global development assistance targets, and other spheres of international collaboration.

Another pointer to the fact that the world has become bipolar is Brazil's obsession with becoming a permanent member of the United Nations Security Council.
In fact, that has formed part of its foreign policy strategy. Rio de Janeiro believes that becoming one of the five permanent members of the council will make them a key player in global peace and security matters (Peral, 2009). Brazil continually positions itself as a responsible member of international community. It contributes larger number of troops too the UN peacekeeping missions. It also participates in non-leadership roles in many UN peacekeeping missions and regional operations. It has open many diplomatic missions in Africa, Asia and the Caribbean to raise her international profile.

Another evidence of existence of multi-polarized world is the resolve by the United States to adapt a global grand bargain in addressing issues related to climate changes and fixing runaway energy prices. In this way politically relevant clout is brought to fore to create opportunities for constructive trade-offs. Coherent overall strategy is used under such circumstances (Peral, 2009).


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