Food for Thought Meal Project

My meal for the Food for Thought project is themed around one of my favorite foods: Mexican food. The meal starts with Chicken Quesadilla for an appetizer, a Mexican Burrito Bowl for the main dish and Flan for dessert. I found three recipes online for each part of the meal, and to plan a meal for ten guests I had to do calculations to know how much of each ingredient I needed. Then I created a cookbook, which you can read below, to show how each recipe is prepared and cooked.

Appetizer -- Chicken Quesadilla (Serves 5 People)

You Will Need:

chicken breasts (cook them and shred into small pieces) - $8.99

bag of cheese (use the Mexican blend) - $3.99

dozen soft flour tortillas - $3.50

stick of butter - $0.50


jar of salsa - $3.25

tablespoons of sour cream - $0.80

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