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Title: Walt Disney Company and Dwayne Winseck

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Essay Instructions: One of the enduring themes of media studies is concern about the nature of the markets for media goods and services. Are these markets competitive or highly concentrated? At what point, if ever, does the existence of a few large firms jeopardize diversity and openness? What are the characteristics of a healthy media market?

First, you need to read a recent article by Dwayne Winseck (I WILL UPLOAD THIS ARTICLE AS A RESOURCE) on the topic of media markets and media concentration.

Second, you need to carefully review an annual financial statement filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission. The document is called a 10-K. 10-Ks are a treasure trove of information about a corporation’s activities. For this assignment, you will review The Walt Disney Company's 10K (THIS WILL ALSO BE UPLOADED AS A SOURCE)

Please note:

· Your 10K reading and review will focus on the first two sections of the report:
Part 1, Item 1: Business and Item 1A: Risk Factors.

You do not need to read any more than those two items.

· You can include a table or chart if you wish, but please do not give “bullet” points.
· Feel free to use sub-headers to organize. You may chart and tables from the report, if they help. No outside sources.
· Remember to provide page reference and quotations marks where appropriate.

Review: 1000 words max
2. Summarize the company’s main business assets and identify any significant changes to its corporate profile mentioned in the corporate report. Focus especially on recent acquisitions and the way the company discusses them.

3. Summarize and comment on the company’s discussion of risk factors, paying particular attention to any discussions about new competitors, and threats to revenue streams. Please provide some examples. You will have to be selective.

4. How might your findings be used to deepen Winseck’s discussion of “source diversity,” and his discussion of the “web of alliances” between media companies? Are you more, or less, persuaded by Winseck’s general thesis now that you’ve read a 10K?

5. Finally, use information from Hoover’s to list the company’s top five competitors.

6. You may use a chart or table from the 10K. These don’t count toward the 1000 word max.

7. Use sub-headers to organize your essay. No bullets. No outside sources. Please choose sub-headers according to what is asked of you. For example - business risks, associates, recent acquisitions, these should all be sub-headers.

Remember to provide page reference and quotations marks where appropriate.
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Title: The Walt Disney Company

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Essay Instructions: About The Walt Disney company, just answer the following questions

Next, given the number of different entertainment areas that Disney has, what business is it really in?
Is Disney a content business, creating characters and stories? Or is it a technology/distribution business that simply needs to find ways to buy content wherever it can, for example, by buying Pixar and then delivering that content in ways that customers want (i.e., DVDs, cable channels, iTunes, Netflix, social media, Internet TV, etc.)?

Likewise, how much discretion should division managers have to set and execute their strategies, or should that be controlled and approved centrally by the strategic planning department at Disney headquarters?

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Title: Lets Talk Money Interview Transcript

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Essay Instructions: Create a 1,050- to 1,400-word fictitious dialogue that takes place during a segment of Let?s Talk Money, a fictitious TV talk show that interviews prominent individuals in the business community. During the segment, the show?s host, a government official, and a business savvy CEO discuss the relationship between the government, the economy, and the company selected from the following list:

? Pepsi-Cola Company?
? Lowe?s?
? Starbucks Coffee? Company
? Barnes & Noble?
?, Inc.?
? Hewlett Packard Development Company, L.P.?
? Dell, Inc.?
? The Walt Disney Company?
? Microsoft?

Note: You may use a company with which you are familiar as a substitute.

Use your creativity with this dialogue and develop the points of view of the characters involved. The following questions must be addressed and serve as a basis for grading this assignment:

? In what type of situations might the selected company run a high risk of violating antitrust laws? How might the government react to assure fair competition within the company?s given market?

? In what ways might the selected company create a benefit externality? In what ways might it create a cost externality? How might the government respond to the externalities created by the selected company?

? What is the importance of the government as a buyer in a market economy? Explain from both a governmental and a business perspective.

? In what ways might the selected company do business with the government? From the company?s perspective, what might be the benefits and drawbacks of selling to the government? From the government?s perspective, what might be the benefits and drawbacks of buying from the company?

? In what situation would the selected company likely consider a merger with one of the other companies on the list? What risks and benefits would a possible merger present? How might the government respond to the merger? Would the two companies merge? Explain why or why not.

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Title: Walt Disney Company

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Essay Instructions: Written Essay – The Walt Disney Company Case study
2,000 words

Required Text:
Harrison, E (1999). The Managerial Decision-Making Process. Boston. John Wiley & Sons Australia. ISBN 0 395 90821 3.

The text contains a major case study in Chapter 15 on the Walt Disney Company. In a 2,000+ word essay answer questions 2 to 7, inclusive, & 10 posed at the end of the chapter.

Three elements that could be useful for written essay type work are:
• Text organisation - this can include essay structure including reference list/bibliography, quality of argument etc
• Content - including conceptual understanding, evidence of wide reading etc
• Presentation - including ease of reading; editing proof-reading; spelling punctuation, consistent use of referencing as examples

I will email the required case study and ALSO two journal articles that I have found on the same topic.

Some info about my unit:
This unit explores the context and process of organisational decision making, focusing on critical factors in effective management decisions. Students will be able to develop an understanding of integrated and interdisciplinary decision-making processes in which rational decision makers pursue strategic choices that will provide successful outcomes within discernible boundaries.
The focus will be on decision making at the top of the organization in a multidisciplinary context, where the primary focus is on strategic decision making. Strategic choices made at the top of the organization invariably trigger dozens or even hundreds of other decisions of lesser magnitude at descending levels of management. Strategic decisions, therefore, set the tone and tempo of managerial decision making for every individual and unit throughout the entire organisation.

On completion of this unit students should be able to:
• discuss the relationship between management, organisation and decision making
• outline, critically discuss and apply alternative approaches to the decision making process, and
• identify factors critical to making effective decisions

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