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The Walt Disney's animated cartoon has undergone evolution moving from a classic animated character to one of the most recognized symbols in the world.

3) Risk Factors

Walt Disney's media networks is facing a cut throat competition for viewers with other cable networks and television, independent TV stations as well other media among them internet, video games and DVD's. Concerning the selling of advertising airtime, Disney's radio stations, cable networks, and TV competes with other networks and media stations. MVSPs have increased the number of networks resulting to increased pressure of competition for advertising revenues for Disney's cable networks and broadcasting. Disney's ability to acquire and maintain terms of contracts for the supply of its numerous cable-programming services has been greatly affected by market conditions in the cable and satellite distribution industry. The company's digital products and internet websites are competing with entertainment products and other web sites in their respective categories. The risk factors have more often than not jeopardized the capacity of the company to maximize its profitability. However, the company has soldiered on to be the leader in this competitive industry.

4) Analysis

The above findings will be used to ensure that the company develops well-nourished market place ideas. This is a necessary condition for exercising the rights and duties of citizens. Most companies assume the cause-effect relationship between source diversity and content diversity thus; they are failing to demonstrate such a connection. However, an examination of diversity must be based on whether the media market allows broadcasters to have access to audiences reasonably.
Most media markets are dynamic and international thus being at a cross road where growth in the future depends on acquiring smaller companies in the market place.

I am persuaded by Winseck's thesis. This is because it is a true beacon of hope compared to the current standards. It provides a decent place to start from and the most open and democratic communication and media system. For a great deal of his time, Winseck has written many theories relating to communication and democracy. He is of the opinion that freedom of communication and democracy is paramount. Such aspect may shape the strategies adopted by a media company like Walt Disney. The company may have to align its strategies to match the scholar's opinion in order to gain some prominence in the industry because Winseck proposes this direction. Consumers would be more inclined in industry players who promote democracy and offer as much information as possible. This has shaped the strategies adopted by the company. With the existence of many media channels, consumers have had several options to choose from but the company has had to adopt game and reality shows as a strategy of attracting many clients. Such strategies are premised on Winseck's theories and opinions.

Finally, the company's top five competitors;

The company's top five competitors are listed below:

1. Dream Works….....

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