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Currently, the Walt Disney Studio produces quality movie, music and even stage plays to consumers all over the world. Feature films are released by the studio under several banners. These include Disney (including Walt Disney Animation Studios) Disney nature, Touchstone pictures and Marvel Studios (Cooke 44). The Disney Music Group constitutes the Hollywood Records labels and the Walt Disney Records. The Disney Theatrical Group licenses and produces live events such as Disney live, Disney on Ice and Disney Live (Cooke 45).

Disney consumer product, which is the business segment of the Walt Disney Company, extends the Disney brands of products which include toys, books, magazines, apparels, home decor, stationeries, fine art, electronics and food and beverages (Cooke 45). This is achieved through a licensing organization which is focused on brand priorities such as Disney Live Action, Disney Media Network and games and Marvel among others.
There are other businesses that are involved in Disney Consumer Products (Cooke 45). An example is the Disney Publishing world wide, which is the world largest publisher as far as children books and magazines, are concerned.


It is true that the Disney Company is in several business activities all in the five business segments. There are many divisions headed by a division manager due to the expansion of the company. All the divisions are headquartered at the Walt Disney Studios in California. The division managers should endeavor to set the strategies at the departmental level rather than waiting for it to be set at the headquarter level. This is because all divisions deal with different line of products or services (Cooke 45). Nevertheless, the strategic department should lay universal strategies of the company at large.

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