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Title: Comparing Two Authors as Commentators on The Human Condition

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Essay Instructions: Compare two authors as commentators on the human condition. Human beings in relation to nature and cosmos.

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Title: specified below

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Essay Instructions: I had faxed over the pages of these stories, specified below, around 1:50 pm est to the east coast fax # because I had ordered the same order that I am giving now and would like to reorder my order. I am assuming that they canceled my order and refunded my money...but I still need it asap...

Kamienska, Anna who wrote "Funny"
Soseki, Natsume author of "I Am a Cat"
these two stories need to be read and the question below answered:
In what way do both Anna Kamienska and Natsume Soseki use animals to express an ironic perspective on the human condition?

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Essay Instructions: 3.In your essay, draw on two works we have read to compare and contrast Confucian and Muslim conceptions of the human condition and human problems of suffering. Use your sources (i.e., Kongzi or Mengzi and Sells, Hamzah, Rumi, or one of the contemporary Muslim artists we are studying) to address such questions as: what are human beings like? What are the greatest problems/challenges faced by human beings? How can they respond to these problems? Can human beings improve or perfect themselves? How? What is the image of the ideal moral person?

-this is the topic of my essay, it is about religion thing.

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Title: Analyzing Dimensions of Change

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Essay Instructions: Discuss change in your life. Your paper should clearly identify the source of change. You should then be able to cohesively discuss the level, rate and magnitude of change, and the causes and consequences of that change.

Your paper should be 5-6 pages of content. It should be in APA 6th edition format. Please include a cover page and remember page numbers.
Some topics to touch on are…..
-Parents divorcing
What it’s like living under two different roofs etc…..

-going to college
Making new friends, getting a new job, “finding where you belong” Experiencing being away from home

- Looking to buy a new home
What city is it going to be in, and financially can you really afford it

Touch base on normal transitions that take place in peoples lives.

You also need to include or tie these in the paper:
Integral part of the human condition
Change has become central to people’s awareness and there is a commitment to change that irreversible, irresistible, and irrevocable
In every society there is change
Social behavior is being emphasized in change
“consistently inconsistent”
Patterns of social behavior- status, roles, groups, family, religion, and politics to name a few

All of this needs to be in YOUR OWN words except for what you cite which will be 3 max

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