Confucian Muslim conceptions human condition human problems suffering. Use sources (i.e., Kongzi Mengzi Sells, Hamzah, Rumi, contemporary Muslim artists studying) address questions: human beings ? What greatest problems/challenges faced human beings? How respond problems? Can human beings improve perfect ? How? What image ideal moral person? - topic essay, religion thing.

Islam and Confucianism

In spite of the fact that the Chinese are typically known to be restrictive when it comes to foreign influences affecting their culture, there were a series of episodes through time requiring the nation to accept that it was ethnically diverse and that it was necessary for it to experience reform through adopting elements from other cultures. Through bringing together Confucianism and Islam individuals were able to address the topic of life from two perspectives. Confucianism primarily deals with the material segment of life, particularly relating to the human character. In contrast, Islam deals with the...
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