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Title: Business Strategy in the Global Environment Assignment

Total Pages: 2 Words: 612 Sources: 0 Citation Style: Harvard Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: Strategic analysis is a critical element of strategic management.
Please analyse the given statement answer these two questions.

a.Discussion of strategic analysis.
b.Discussion of how strategic analysis is a critical element of strategic management.

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Essay Instructions: A strategic analysis of Virgin Australia Airlines. The analysis should include:
1. Internal analysis: strengths, weaknesses and key capabilities
2. General external analysis: oppurtunities and threats
3. Industry analysis: porter's 5 forces
4. The main business level strategy of Virgin Australia Airline: porte's generic strategies (cost leadership)
5. Main factors/key drivers of Virgin australia Airline's success
6. Future strategy: New World carrier
7. Conclusion and recommendations

Explain concepts used, clear application and evaluation
Reference to articles and journals (No reference to books)

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Title: Stategic Analysis Fire Department

Total Pages: 10 Words: 2783 Works Cited: 10 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: Create a report and executive summary to be delivered to the "Mayor".
APA would not apply. Develop strategy(s) for providing fire and EMS services to Collinsville Township. This magical mystical township exists only in our minds, but represents many facets of real life situations. The town has about 12,000 population, three schools (elementary, middle and high), a small hospital, a strong downtown commerce section, and other typical governmental facilities. Fire service is provided by a department located near the center of town that responds with 2 engines, 1 ALS ambulance, 1 BLS ambulance 1 ladder, a tanker and a brush truck. Additionally they have two staff vehicles and a supply truck. Staffing comes from the chief and a fire code inspector who work M-F day schedules, two fire fighters are on each 24-48 hour shift, and 20 paid on call staff members. The closest mutual aid is more than 12 miles away from the closes point and 23 miles at the most remote point. Collinsville is essentially a peninsula formed by rivers on two sides and large rock outcropping type mountains on the third. Call volume is provided in the database format with the GIS map.

The primary issue facing Collinsville Fire and Rescue is that citizens in the rural area are complaining about service levels. Data provides fire and ems call volume and times, but the chief indicates the real problem is getting paid-on-call staff in the remote area. Driving time is long for apparatus but population is not sufficient to staff a fire station even if it were built and equipped. Change is occurring in the rural area, developers are dividing large ranches in the eastern region along the river and mountains into 75-125 acre tracts, and building $1 - $5 million dollar second homes. This development is being marketed as ranch living.

For the Collinsville project, you will review data for a community that is experiencing significant change, along with associated challenges for providing fire and emergency medical services. Strategies will be developed for this community with the Diamond-E Framework in mind. A change management model will be described for each emerging strategy. The change management model as discussed in Strategic Analysis and Action by Mary. M. Crossan.

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Title: Strategic Analysis of some geographical feature either land water or space that has had strategic consequences in international relations

Total Pages: 7 Words: 2120 Bibliography: 12 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: Instructions:
Each student will prepare a well researched paper on a strategic analysis of
some geographical feature, either land, water or space, that has had strategic consequences in international relations. The body of the paper (not counting the bibliography) should be 6-7 pages in length. It should begin with a topic sentence. The opening paragraphs should state the issues involved in your paper; the historical background to the question and take a position on the issue supported by well-reasoned arguments.
The term paper should include a bibliography that has at least ten items, no textbooks,
and no encyclopedia articles, no more than three Internet sources (no Wikipedia). An
Internet source should be more than the electronic equivalent of an encyclopedia article.
A good Internet source is one that provides data that you can interpret. If your topic is
current you will probably need to use newspaper or periodical sources. The whole
periodical, not individual articles, counts as a single Internet source.
I expect that your paper will have notes giving the sources for your statements. You
should definitely add notes giving your sources whenever you quote directly from
someone else's work. Ifit is word-for-word put it in quotation marks. Ifit is data or ifit
is an author's conclusion that you have expressed in your own words you should use a
note to let the reader know where it comes from.
Notes should be in the form (Author's last name, page citation). If there are two or more
sources from the same author use the publication date to specify the one you are using,
(Author, publication date, page citation)
Bibliography entries should be in the following format:
Author's last name, first name, Title. Place of Publication: Publisher, Date of publication.
The bibliography should be alphabetized.
Your paper should have a title based on its content.
Number the pages of your paper.
Avoid using contractions.
Keep to one person, usually the third. Keep to one tense, usually the past. If you want to
express prior action in the past use the pluperfect tense .
Spelling counts. Use spell-check.
Your paper should NOT be a cut and paste job from the web. If it is you will loose
all credit for this part of the course.
Your grade for the paper will be based on the quality of the paper including the strength
of your arguments, their presentation in correct English, and evidence of sound research.

I want the term paper to be on how the large land space between Russia and Europe helped the Russians to never be conquered by a foreign nation. For example both Napoleon and Hitler both tried to conquer Russia but they both failed because Russia and the capital St. Petersburg was so far away. Both attempts failed because they were not use to the climate and the Russian’s used the distance factor to their advantage because they would retreat and then burn everything down which basically starved the enemy.

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