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Here, the strategic analysis plays a critical role because the key function of the leader is centered into various areas. Strategic management is not only concerned with the formulation and development of policies. Unless a clear grasp of the plan and a procedure on how the process is to be developed and implemented have been provided, it will be hard to make the necessary changes. As regards the required changes, it must be well defined in order to move the organization towards its vision. Here, the existing process is determined, whether it is effective or there is a need for it to be redesigned.

A well organized strategic analysis helps the company to arrive at the best decision where it will be able to assess how the organization is changing as a result of the actions as planned. Strategic analysis is not just confined to planning. The same thing with strategic management, it is an ongoing process (Lamb, 1984: ix). The dedication of the persons involved in the strategic analysis is so crucial because if they are not committed to carry through until the implementation stage, the operational level could be sunk into confusion.
This, in turn, could lead to cynicism about any improvement efforts.

The task of the leader in strategic management is not simple and requires commitment. No matter how knowledgeable the person who is in-charge of the task, if he or she lacks the commitment to carry on with the responsibilities, it is but useless. It is so important that these things are incorporated in the strategic analysis. The senior leadership should always keep track of the goals and strategies because as they go along the process, certain barriers may come their way, and the challenge is always there in prioritizing the objectives.

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