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Title: Securing Facilities

Total Pages: 2 Words: 794 Works Cited: 2 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: Introduction:
Generally, the foundation of effective security management encompasses a variety of strategies to reduce vulnerabilities and to mitigate risks from potential threats. This laboratory assignment requires you to place yourself in the hypothetical situation of being a security manager for a retail shopping mall that has been plagued by vandalism.


How would classify the perimeter security?
Would you prefer contract or proprietary security guard forces? Please state the reasons for your choice.
How would you implement Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) strategies to reduce the risk posed by vandalism?
In addition to the dollar amount caused by property damage due to vandalism, what other forms of harm to businesses can vandalism cause?
Summarize your activities, including any issues or difficulties you encountered while performing the tasks above.

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Title: A study of shopping tourism that is HongKong a good place for shopping If the wording of my topic is wrong please help me to change it

Total Pages: 13 Words: 3450 Bibliography: 15 Citation Style: Harvard Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: Please must follow the topic to write..It is very important.

words accout:3500 words
My questioning people is 70.
1. Blackgroud to the proect
2. Discussion of relevant literature: both urban tourism and literature that relates to your chosen topic.

3. Proposed research Methodology and analysis

4. Results and discussion ( chosen 4 questions in my questionnaire to do the graph and discussion. use excell is OK. For example: you choose "Who are the main companions for visit in HongKong?" 30% choose family member, 20% choose friends.....And why?"

5. Conclusions
6. References
The follow is my questionnaire, please choose 4 to do the results and discussion
1. Nationality ………………….
2. Occupation …………………
3. Age: ? 20-29years ? 30-39 years
?40-49years ? over 50years
4. Gender: ? Male ?Female
5. Is this your first time travel in HongKong?
?Yes ?No
6. How long do you plan to stay in HongKong?
?1-2days ?3-5days ?6-8days ?Above 8 days
7. Who are the main companions for visit in HongKong?
?Alone ?Family member ?Colleague ?Classmate ?Friends ?Other
8. Monthly Personal Income :(HKG)
?Below 5000 ?5000-8000 ?8000-12000 ?12000-15000 ?15000-20000 ?Above 20000
9. What kind of products you most want to buy?
?Clothes ?Shoes ?Cosmetic ?Electronic products ?Accessories
10. How much do you plan to spend per shopping in HongKong?(HKG)
?1000 ?2000-4000 ?5000-7000 ?8000-10000 ?Above 10000
11. Is it important to you for the shopping malls’ services quality?
? Very Important ?Important ?Fair ?Unimportant
12. Is it important to you for the shopping environment in the shopping malls?
? Very Important ?Important ?Fair ?Unimportant
13. Is the price of the products in HK important to you?
? Very Important ?Important ?Fair ?Unimportant
14. When shopping in HK, does the traffic convenience?
?Very convenience ?Convenience ?Fair ?Inconvenience
15. Do you feel that HK has a satisfactory variety of brand for shopping?
?Yes ?No ? No idea
16. Will you come to shopping at HongKong again?
?Yes ?No ? No idea

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Excerpt From Essay:

Essay Instructions: The Research Paper is part three of the attachment pdf file. Basically choose a space or place and describe its theming. I want to choose the Glendale Galleria in the city of Glendale, CA as the place. Basically its a shopping mall. And also I need to include and describe pictures if possible.

Here are some of the Writings I need in the Bibliography:

1. Crawford, ?The World in a Shopping Mall,? in Sorkin, ed. 3-30.

2. Gottdiener, Ch. 4, ?Themed Culture and Themed Environments,? 73-103.

3. Scott Lukas, ?The Themed Environment Space: Locating Culture, Nation and the Self,? The Themed Space, 1-22.

4. Pasi Falk, ?The Scopic Regimes of Shopping,? The Shopping Experience, ed. Falk and Campbell: 177-185.

I also need the Thesis in the Introduction to be UNDERLINED.

Excerpt From Essay:

Title: Non-Participant Observation

Total Pages: 3 Words: 980 References: 3 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: Non-Participant Observation

Choose a public place such as a shopping mall, a library, a restaurant, or any other place where you are not participating in the activities you are observing. Record your observations in field notes. Pay attention to and describe the following in detail:

? The setting (layout of the space, arrangement of furniture, decor, ?feel,? and so forth),
? The people (describe individuals and groups, detail behaviors)
? The action (what are the relationships between people and/or groups?).
? Then expand the description of one particular person at some point in the observation.

By Day 5, turn in:

? A 4 page summary of what you observed.
? A few paragraphs of what you learned about yourself as a researcher.
? Any electronic field notes you took, as an Appendix to the paper (or a brief description of your handwritten notes).

Excerpt From Essay:

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