Non-Participant Observation

The MoA (Mall of America) is the largest shopping mall in the United States located at the Bloomington, Minnesota. The Mall is opened in 1992 and receives more than 40 million visitors annually, which is the largest number of visitors that any Mall has ever received globally. However, 80% of the visitors are from the Wisconsin, Iowa, Minnesota, Illinois, Ohio, Dakota, and Canada.

Objective of this paper is to carry out the non-participant observation of the Mall of America. The paper uses several variables such as layout space, decor arrangement of furniture as well as the feel of the Mall to carry out the non-participant observation.

As a research, I employ overt non-participant observation to collect data for the research purpose. The strategy used is that I visit the Mall of American with the goal of observing the activities, events and interactions of the people in the Mall...
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