Reducing Vandalism at Shopping Malls

Securing Facilities

Reducing Vandalism at Retail Shopping Malls

What is Perimeter Security?

Perimeter security can be classified as any effort to reduce criminal activity and similar threats to an establishment that concerns the space between the building's exterior wall and adjacent property (National Capital Planning Commission, p. 10). For retail shopping structure perimeter security this would encompass all areas between the mall's exterior walls and entrances, and the adjacent public sidewalks and streets, and public or private property. This typically includes sidewalks to and from parking lots and garages, landscaped areas owned by the mall, public transportation terminals on mall property, mall parking lots and the interior of parking garages, and drives that provide access to parking facilities from public streets.

Contract or Proprietary Security Services?

Choosing between contract and proprietary security services is primarily determined by the security needs of the retail mall and...
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