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Essay Instructions: Report for SERVICE MARKETING
Each student will record in a journal (template provided) at least 5 different personal encounters with a range of service providers which occurred within the previous three months. These encounters will form the basis of a report analysing service delivery issues. The template will be provided by your lecturer..

The purpose of this assignment is for the student to understand and evaluate the service encounter from one?s own perspective as a customer and to analyse the recorded situations utilising relevant course concepts and theories. The focus of the assignment is on analysis of the encounters using appropriate models and concepts ? the description of the encounters should be included as attachments to the report.

The purpose of the report is to analyse the student?s service encounters using the concepts and frameworks which are being learned in the course. Students should use the report to demonstrate that they understand the link between services marketing theory and practice. The report should be 2,500 words in length. Additional instructions for this assignment will be provided by the local lecturer.

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Title: Is Service Marketing Different From Product Marketing

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Essay Instructions: MARKETING DEBATE—Is Service Marketing Different From Product Marketing?

Some services marketers vehemently maintain that service marketing is fundamentally different from product marketing and that different skills are involved. Some traditional product marketers disagree, saying, “good marketing is good marketing.”

Take a position: Product and services marketing are fundamentally different versus product and services marketing are highly related.

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Title: Service encounter

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Essay Instructions: Hi there
I need you follow all structure of details. I also need you to apply services marketing to strongly support and clearly explain. I will be appreciate.

Objective of eaasy: To evaluate critical aspects of two distinct service encounters from your own perspective as a customer and as a services marketing manager.

Direction of essay: the purpose of the service encounter report is to analyse two service encounters in detail. This report (8-10 pages, double-spaced) will consist of two parts: First, you will write about the organization that provided you with the worst service of any organization you encountered by recognizing the concepts of service marketing from the appropriate chapters of the prescribed text and, second, you will write about an organization that is doing an excellent overall job by applying services marketing concepts recognized from the appropriate chapters of the prescribed text.

Discussion of worst service: In the first part of the paper, the student is to write about the organization that provided you with the worst service of any organization encountered this semester. Based on your reading of the textbook and issues we have discussed in class, diagnose what went wrong in the encounter. That is, from a services marketing perspective, what is the real cause of the problem? Then, recommend the three most important actions management should take to improve service. Be specific in your recommendations (e.g., suggesting that employees ?need more training? is not a particularly enlightening or useful recommendation). To demonstrate your understanding of course concepts, use concepts and strategies from services marketing theories and the text to support your discussion and suggestions. Be selective and focus on the most important issues, as this part of the paper should beabout four pages in length. A good paper will describe the problem(s) and present a specific, logical plan for improvement.

Discussion of best service: In the second part of the paper, write about an organization that, based on the service encounter you had with them this semester, is doing an excellent overall job of services marketing. The discussion should include three most important actions management appears to have taken in order to have delivered such good service. That is, based on your reading of the textbook and issues we have discussed in class, diagnose what this firm is doing well. Again, in your analysis you should demonstrate your knowledge of services marketing concepts by discussing, using (and clearly labelling) concepts covered in class discussion and the textbook, what this organization does that makes it successful. This part of the paper is also expected to be about four pages in length.

Discussion of lessons learned: Finally, you should conclude your paper with discussing what you learned from this experience and how you will apply it as you enter the business world with recommendations if any. The grading criteria used for evaluating your paper include your ability to relate material from readings and lectures to your paper, your ability to diagnose probable causes of problems and match them with appropriate solutions, depth and substance of your observations, persuasiveness of your observations, and the quality of writing.

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Title: How Customer Expectations are Managed In A Firm

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Essay Instructions: I would like for this project to be written in Franklin Covey format. I will send an email to you with information, on how to cite and write a bibliography in Franklin Covey format. I will have in a second attachment the Franklin Covey Template. The paper must be placed into the Template in order to be in proper Franklin Covey format. All of the parts of the Template must be included. I will also fax pages 80 thru 83 of the textbook to you as well. The textbook that the pages were taken from is: Services Marketing (Integrating Customer Focus Across the Firm) 4th edition. written by Valerie A. Zeithaml, Mary Jo Bitner, and Dwayne D. Gremler. The publisher is McGraw-Hill Irwin. For this project I would like for the pages (80 thru 83) of the textbook to be used as one of the 5 references. The other 4 references should be peer reviewed journals concerning service marketing. I would like to request that writer INFOCEO be assigned as the writer for this project. If this writer is no available to complete this order, I am requesting that you assign one of the best, service marketing writers that you have on your staff to this assignment. The research paper should focus on the following:

Critique how customer expectations are managed in your firm. Include specific suggestions for improvement. Integrate the pages from the textbook with your personal experience and research.

You can write about a ficticious firm for this project. Please write how the information from the pages of the textbook, affect the firm that you have chosen.

There are faxes for this order.

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