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Title: Admission Essay

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Essay Instructions: I need a scholarship essay demonstrating that I should be the one to receive the scholarship provided by the university.

The reasons I have in mind are:
I have a really high TOEFL score: 110/120
I have good grades in high school, and in my last year, I was second in class.
I am not hesitated to take on challenges and keep moving forward, and in fact, in 3 years of high school, my grades keep racing up as I try harder and harder.
When I do something, I put my focus on it and try my best.
I am not afraid to fail.
I am strong in math, and in my years of high school, I usually draw good attention from my math teachers.
I believe if I am granted the scholarship, I can finally....(think of something here, I like business and economics).
I need financial support to study at that university.
...and any good ideas you can think of, don't hesitate to include it in the essay too. I need the essay to be creative in way of thinking, and somehow attract the reader, making the essay unique and interesting.

You don't have to include every ideas I listed above in the essay. You also don't have to list them in the above order.

You can also include pictures, videos or any additional media to support you ideas. Creative thoughts are welcome.

Thank you.

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Title: personal scholarship essay

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Essay Instructions: please i need help in writing my scholarship essay explaining why do i need the scholarship in a convincing and heart breaking style.
i would like my essay to be written according to these information:
I'm a student that feel education is the most valuable and precious thing in is the only thing that you can keep and no body can take it away from is an important thing to continue my studies and receive my highest degree so it would help me to better my future.
i'm finding a hard time to study because i'm a mother of two girls ,married and have responsibilities toward my family. i used to work and help my husband ,so i took every other semester off till i got my AA degree with honor. now after transfering to the university it is hard for me to commute daily 45 miles to and fro because our financial doesn't alow to move to the city,and barely could pay the gas daily and being a mother can't stay away too long of my daughters also after driving four hours daily can't concentrate on my i'm asking the scholarship selection for help and provide me the scholarship that will help me pay my expences.I'm enrolled in the hospitality management program ,because i like to be in contact with people of different cultures,also after being in a restaurent job for two years i'd like to be working in such a field so may be one day i'll be in a position can be in a position that will allow me to help my family,and save some money for my daughters' future that they wouldn't suffer, as i do.
AS a dtermined student and mother simultaneously,i will thrive upon the chance to succeed and win.
"thank you for your patience"

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Title: Scholarship Essay

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Essay Instructions: Please this is a scholarship essay that the applicant must be medically diagnosed by a qualified professional as having a cognitive disability (including, but not limited to ADD or ADHD). My diagnosis is schyzophrenia.

This is what I want to include in the essay describing my educational goals, challenges and how the scholarship would assist in pursuing education and/or career goals. My major is nursing

I want this essay by 5 AM. Can you process it within 8-10 hrs. I would greatly appreciate. If It is not possible in that time frame, please do not process the essay. Cancel it and let me know.

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Title: Education

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Essay Instructions: Each entrant must submit an essay of no more than two hundred fifty words. Essays will be judged on conciseness, originality, grammar, and spelling. Essays will not be returned.
TOPIC: "How does my education affect my family"

my family background,
live with 78 yr old grandmother since baby
mother left, unemployed, not able to support me, father left before born
mother no college education, but high school education
uncle and aunt both very successful, uncle lawyer and aunt speech therapist, have three kids
grandmother is retired
went to private schools all life on scholarship
i am female and in 12th grade

please say whatever you please, use information or not, to what you think will help me win this scholarship. thanks. any questions email me at

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