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A naturally devoted individual, my commitment to my academic course of study and to the health care profession will become further evident in graduate school, where I will meet with esteemed professors, mentors, and specialists who can help me perfect my skills and find a niche within the nursing community. While in graduate school, I intend to take advantage of internship or residency opportunities and to participate in volunteer work and community service activities.

My interest in nursing stems partly from my first-hand encounters with the medical profession and community. On the one hand, teams of caring and qualified professionals have inspired me to step into their footsteps in the service of people in need of attention. On the other hand, inconsistencies, glitches, and weaknesses in the system have urged me to make a difference and apply my knowledge, skills, and experience to activism within the medical community.
As a nurse I will work one on one with patients and other health care professionals, and as I become more knowledgeable about the world of health care I intend to apply myself further to the administrative and political realms of our profession. Whether through community activism or nursing committee administration, my skills as a nurse will expand continually through my commitment to growth, change, and healing.

My disease offers insight and perspective I might not otherwise have developed, enhancing my compassion for others, my patience, and my ability to offer quality care. This scholarship will help me to achieve my goals, allowing me to remain dedicated to academic achievement, to participating in professional development programs, and personal growth opportunities......

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