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Title: police brutality

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Essay Instructions: I need a cover page and a summary of the facts in the essay. The pros and cons of police brutality.

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Title: Police brutality and monetary judgements

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Essay Instructions: Read the following passage thoroughly. The first section must contain the following: (1) problem statement, (2) purpose of the study, (3) minor research questions (sub-problems) (4), definitions, and (5) limitations of the study.

The second section covers review of related literature, which is Chapter 2 of the research proposal. I am required to write a literature review of 5 pages. This section contains published sources that relate to the problem statement and sub-problems. All sources used must be cited using APA format with a bibliography.

This is the situation needing the aforementioned done:

On Monday it was reported that the City of Meyer has paid out an estimated $115 million to residents that have been victims of police brutality. These victims were beaten, wrongly accused, and one was choked to death while in police custody. Mayor Pfeifer?s political career is in jeopardy. The Mayor has called upon University of Meyer for assistance. He has requested a study that focuses on monetary judgments. He believes that cities and other municipalities will be forced into bankruptcy due settlement excess.

You have been appointed to the research team that will present a brief proposal to the mayor next week. Your proposal must contain a brief introduction, problem statement, purpose of the study, sub problems, definitions that pertain to the topic, and the limitations of the study.

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Title: Police Brutality

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Essay Instructions: Write an Investigative Article that is focused on Law Enforcement; Abuse of authority specifically Police brutality. Issue must be researched in depth for the purpose of finding possible solutions for an existing problem, bringing awareness to the public about the issues/problem, and raising questions and motivating readers to take action on the problem.

Must include the following
§ A final summary of your research evaluation
§ A narrative reflecting on your information gathering and decision-making process throughout the investigation
§ An explanation of obstacles encountered and how these obstacles affected the outcome of the investigative article
§ Reference citations in APA format of all primary, secondary, online databases, and people sources. If sources were unavailable or unreliable, this should also be noted.
§ Must reflect an unbiased, professional tone.

§ Begin article with an effective lead

§ Write article in an engaging, story-telling format

§ Use pyramid structure (consists of a lead, foreshadowing, chronological story-telling and the climax)

§ Identify a conflict/problem and propose a resolution

§ Describe detailed aspects of the investigation to engage readers

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Works Cited:


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Title: Police Brutality against hispanics and african americans

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  • Document Type: Research Paper
Essay Instructions: I need:



(if one topic is longer then the other thats ok.)

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