Police Brutality

There are certainly "cons" when discussing the problem of police brutality, but are there also positives ("pros") when those events occur? This paper points to the issue of police brutality from several viewpoints and critiques the literature.

Police Brutality Cases on the rise since 9/11

Incidents in which police, prison guards or other law enforcement authorities have used "excessive force" or otherwise have violated civil rights "…have increased 25% from fiscal years 2001 to 2007 over the previous seven years" (Johnson, 2007). Why are there more incidents that involve police misbehavior? James, Pasco, the executive director of the National Fraternal Order of Police (the largest police union in the U.S.), believes part of the problem can be explained because there has been "…reduced standards, training and promotion of less experienced officers into the higher police ranks," and that tends to undermine "more rigid supervision" (Johnson, p. 1). Johnson...
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