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It is increasing taxpayer more and more every year. More than likely the officer in question will be fired or put in paid leave of absence. Never is the officer investigated by internal affairs or federal agencies. This shows an inconsistency within the law enforcement infrastructure that needs changing in order to protect against further risk.

In this review of previous studies and related literature, information is presented in support of and in anticipation of the methodology and the analysis of this study. In order to constrain the literature review to a manageable yet representative account of the development of the concepts and constructs employed in this study, the focus was on studies within the framework of police. brutality and its relationship to monetary judgment. Agencies throughout the country with settle and alleged cases of police brutality were examined. Within those studies cited however, are many more and far-reaching references across the spectrum related to the subject research. A number of the referenced works included here are themselves fairly exhaustive and comprehensive reviews. Within this construct results of such situations were examined for a possible connection.

Summary and Conclusion

This paper explored the relationship between that of police brutality, monetary judgments and the possibility that a municipality; city, town or county will be financially burdened or ruined by a large lawsuit. Despite the fact that Commissioners of Bryan County v. Brown, et. al., a ruling by the United States Supreme Court prohibits that municipalities could not be held liable for the hiring of law enforcement officers with histories of violent behavior, government agencies are becoming burdened with the financial responsibility when the family goes to court.
This case requires that the victim must prove that the officer showed signs of such behavior but was hired regardless. There are loop holes in the nation's judicial system. This paper offered a definition of police brutality. This paper provided a brief literature review on the subject of police brutality, monetary judgement and the agency's burden of responsibility, if this burden is causing financial problems. Research suggests that despite federal rulings and even the propensity of litigants to sue the officer civilly, that agencies are still burdened.


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