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Title: Performance Appraisal

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Essay Instructions: Performance appraisal questions: from the faxed material provide answers to the questions 7.4.1.
There are faxes for this order.

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Essay Instructions: Kudler Foods now has to create a way to evaluate the performance of its employees. The six positions are categorized into several different levels of evaluation. The Store Manager and Department Manager would fall in the management level. The front line customer service level would consist of the Cashier and Bagger. The Stock Person would be labeled as the back-end worker. Last, at the mid-level employee position there would be the Specialty Department Worker.

Create a single performance appraisal appropriate to evaluate each level of the job classifications. Provide at least five competencies or skills that relate to the specific level that define each job classification. Include a weighting system that will evaluate each of the five competency?s performance for the specific position.

Write a 700- to 1,050-word paper that describes how the output of this performance appraisal will help the supervisor to determine salary increases. Include in the discussion why the particular appraisal method was chosen. Include how team performance appraisals would be conducted in appropriate departments. Also include a review of the relationship between the monetary, nonmonetary, and benefits or special services offered in an organization.

Review the relationship between monetary, nonmonetary, and benefits/special services in an organization.
Evaluate how to apply compensation and reward systems to individuals as well as to work teams.
Evaluate alternate performance appraisal methods for their usefulness in establishing individual compensation.
Analyze the relationship between performance appraisal and salary levels.

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Title: Performance Appraisals

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Essay Instructions: Directions: You will also be asked to select a sub-topic of your choice from an assigned chapter in the reading wherein you will be asked to research the periodic literature for TWO articles of interest regarding your topic. The articles must be no more than two years old, be relevant to the general area of performance management, and specific to your selected topic. The articles must come from professional journals, such as those found on the topics of management and HRM as found in the university's library. You then need to prepare a REVIEW of the ARTICLES, SUMMARIZING both their CONTENT AND YOUR OPINIONS about THEIR CONCLUSIONS, in a concise paper of no more than FOUR pages. Grading for this assignment will consist of the quality and appropriateness of the article selection, quality of your SUMMARIZATION, DEFENSE OF YOUR OPINIONS about their conclusions, and overall quality of writing, including approriate use of spelling and grammar. You will then be asked to share your findings in a brief presentation (8-10 minutes) to your colleagues.

a.) The sub-topic I chose is Performance Appraisals.
b.) The assigned chapter is chapter 4.
c.) The title of chapter 4 is "Rater-Ratee Relationships and Performance Management."
d.) Article 1's title is Conscious Rating Distortion in Performance Appraisal: A review, commentary, and Proposed Framework for Research."
e.) Article 2's title is "Rating Leniency and Halo in Multisource Feedback Ratings: Testing Cultural Assumptions of Power Distance and Individualism-Collectivism.
f.) Please relate the articles to the chapter somewhere in the paper.
g.) I will upload all information in a PDF form.

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Essay Instructions: Choose a job you would be interested in pursuing to prepare for this assignment.
Write a 1,050-word paper in which you address the following:

o Conduct a job analysis for your selected job using one of the job analysis methods and discuss how it could be used within an organization.
o Evaluate the reliability and validity of your job analysis.
o Evaluate different performance appraisal methods that might be applied to your chosen job.
o Explain the various benefits and vulnerabilities of each performance appraisal method.

? Include at least two references.
? Format your papers consistent with APA guidelines.

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