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Title: nutrition during the Infancy and Toddler hood period

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Essay Instructions: Nutrition
Submit a two to three page paper describing the importance of nutrition during the Infancy and Toddler-hood period.

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Title: Nutrition information

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Essay Instructions: Nutrition

1. After reading the section in your lecture notes regarding ergogenic aids, use this thread to discuss it. Why do you think some people turn to performance enhancing aids - even if they are dangerous or illegal? Have you noticed a recent change among professional and amateur athletes? (There were several scandals recently including cyclists, baseball players, etc.) Any thoughts?

2. When I was a kid, we were outside playing ALL the time -- running around, riding our bikes, hiking, playing sports, etc. It doesn't seem like that is the case these days. I have a 17 year old brother who hardly ever leaves the house - he's much happier staying inside and playing his video games. Any other comments or thoughts on this topic? Is it just me or are kids lazier than ever? What do you think can be done about this? Due to increased testing in schools, they are dropping PE requirements and even recess!! What do you think about this? What kind of future implications might this have???

3. I know we have already touched on this subject in earlier threads, but use this space to further comment on how sedentary Americans have become. Certainly, this has a huge impact on the rise in obesity in America. Do you see a relationship between the two? Why are many people so resistant to exercise? What things get in the way of starting an exercise program? Why do you think some people have such a negative reaction to exercise? Any tips that may help people who'd like to start on the 'road to fitness?'

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Title: Nutrition Synthesis

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Essay Instructions: Nutrition Synthesis

Over this semester, you have examined your diet with regard to carbohydrates, fats, proteins, vitamins, minerals, specific diseases, and in other ways. The most important goal of this course (in my opinion) is for you to be able to answer the question “What should I eat?” For yourself, your patients or other people you see in a professional capacity, and (assuming they ask for your input!) your friends and family.

With that goal in mind, look one last time at the results of your Eat Right diet analysis. (Attach with PDF file) Remind yourself of areas in which you were more and less successful, what surprised and perhaps what confused you.

Then answer the following questions clearly and completely:

1. In what ways is your current diet healthy?
2. In what specific areas could your diet could use improvement?
3. Saying “I’m going to start eating healthier” is way too vague to be effective or meaningful. Instead, make three specific recommendations to yourself. For example, “Eat more fish” is NOT specific. “For dinner once a week at the dining hall, I will choose fish as my entrée” is specific. Remember, small changes are usually more effective than large ones because they are easier to implement. “I will stop drinking soda” may be too difficult for you, but “I will not drink a soda unless I have had one glass of milk that day already” is easier, and therefore more likely to actually happen.
4. Finally, write down everything you ate yesterday. How would the recommendations you gave yourself change this day’s eating? Are the proposed changes realistic?

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Title: Food Service Industry Hot Topic

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Essay Instructions: Explain how Nutrition has become a Hot Topic or Current Issue in the Food Service Industry specifically. Explain how Nutrition became a hot button issue for the food service industry. Describe how the Food Service Industry is responding to or adapting to this issue. What is it doing to address this current hot topic? Include specific industry references and examples to reinforec points, including the National Restaurant Association. Finish by describing how nutrition could continue to influence or affect the food service industry in the future; how will the industry handle this issue going foward?

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