Nutrition Athletes Turn to Ergogenic Research Proposal

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Still, the ultimate answer is the education of parents and their kids about the importance of striking a balance between good-old fashioned exercise and other activities. This is why dropping PE requirements and/or recess is such a bad idea. It sends the wrong message to children and their parents and will lead to an even greater increase in obesity rates and associated health issues in our country.

3. I believe there is a relationship between obesity and sedentary lifestyles as well as a poor diet. I also believe that many children are resistant to exercise primarily because they haven't found the kinds of activities that they actually like and feel self-conscious when they don't perform well. Also, young children simply don't realize the importance of exercise.
Thus, children prefer to watch television or play video games. However, while many children may not enjoy exercise, they may enjoy sports or other play activities and the trick is to find the ones that are right for the child and to make them part of the child's daily routine......

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