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Title: Nursing Informatics NEW COMPETENCIES Nursing informatics or

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Essay Instructions: Nursing informatics is a discipline that is still evolving. Yet, there is a set of core skills and knowledge that applies to all individuals who work as nurse informaticists and many competencies that are specific to informatics roles, positions, tasks, and responsibilities. For example, a nurse informaticist who works as a consultant for a health care technology company and a nurse informaticist who works as a professor at a university will share much of the same expertise and knowledge. However, they will also have distinct competencies specific to their unique roles.

In this Discussion, you explore informatics competencies within the informatics functional area you selected for the Week 1 Assignment.

To prepare:

Review nursing informatics competencies such as those outlined by the American Nurses Association (ANA), the Technology Informatics Guiding Education Reform (TIGER), and the Quality and Safety Education for Nurses (QSEN).
Review this week?s media presentation Competencies for Nurse Informaticists, and reflect on the competencies outlined by the presenters.
Recall the informatics functional area you identified in the Week 1 Assignment. With this in mind, what competencies would be most important for you to master? How might you go about developing these competencies?
Create a list of competencies you would like to master.
Post on or before Day 3 a brief description of the informatics functional area in which you are interested. Then, identify at least four ANA, TIGER and/or QSEN competencies that you believe to be vital for success in this functional area, and justify your choices. Explain how you might successfully develop and master each of these competencies.

Suggest other competencies that might also be important for success and explain why.
Validate a competency with your own experience and additional research.

During week one I selected the role of a nurse educator.. See attachment
Analyze theories and conceptual frameworks pertinent to nursing informatics initiatives, evaluate application of theories or conceptual framework

My interest are staff education and patient education

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Title: nursing

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Essay Instructions: Nursing Theorist Madeleine Leininger and Imogene King, compare and use similarity, must have history of basic nursing theory.(introduction include general comments of the past and impact on the future of nursing) Summary of selected nursing theorist views of selected nursing theory on a specialization,( my selection is on Pain) How the Pain is perceived by the patient and how it is addressed by the nurse. How the practice is guided by the two theorist beliefs.

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Title: Nursing Informatics: The Present and the Future

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Essay Instructions: Nursing and Health Care Informatics

In this assignment you are asked to write a briefing note to a ?decision-maker? about an issue you feel would improve health care delivery and /or health outcomes. You can develop your issue using Nursing and Health Care Informatics topic.

For example, as a nurse in a health unit that is moving to implementation of a population health model. You have noted that you and your colleagues have all been educated using an individual-focus model of nursing. You feel that educational resources are needed to assist the team to effectively improve the specific knowledge and skills needed to practice population-based nursing care.

An Issue Briefing summarizes, in plain language, research findings on topics of current interest to decision makers in organizations. Where appropriate, it also explores the policy implications of the research. An Issue Briefing is designed to give the reader a quick overview of key findings on a topic, and to stimulate a continuing conversation on the issues. While they do not attempt to be systematic or comprehensive in their review of all the relevant literature, they do pay attention to the quality of the research.

Your Issue Briefing should be in APA (6th ed.) format; the word limit for this assignment is 1800 Words.

Your paper should include:

Issue statement

Relevant Background

Theoretical Considerations

Guidance Provided by the Literature

Policy Implications / Recommendations


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Title: nursing theorists joan riehl sisca

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Essay Instructions: Nursing theory to include information about nursing theorist and how the theory was derived the need for and purpose of the theory
Describe nuring theory in detail Incorporate the information from research into description , cite sources and explain the various aspects of the theory.
Describe how this theory can be used when planning and providing nursing care Include all concepts of the theory and how they relate to one another and how the practical nurse can use them to achieve desired outcome Describe way you would apply the theory when you are planning and providing care and how it will help to achieve the desired outcome Double spaced left justified in Times New Roman 12 font follow apa guidline also to include an outline

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