(Marriner-Tomey; Alligood, 2006)

After proper interpretation of patient's actions and the process recordings, the nurse would be in a position to intervene a better plan of care and assistance for the patient. The plan of care would be included as individual therapy through which the nurse will help the patient directly and the familial therapy too as the nurse will also help the family members of the patient to refine and assume roles they have performed in the past, or are using currently. These roles will help the family members to cope with the patient's illness and also, they will provide a better environment for the patient to improve fast. The evaluation process of the while planning and their results will be used to determine the success of this planned role taking. (Marriner-Tomey; Alligood, 2006)

The major concepts adapted by the Riehl Model of nursing are as follows:

People: The...
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