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Title: temperature in your hometown

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Essay Instructions: Would like the writer ~ Writergrrl101

Below are the paper requirements:

Research Process Outline
[1] Identify a research issue, opportunity, or problem that uses data that has absolute zero measurements ?the temperature in your hometown over the course of a month?. This issue, opportunity, or problem will serve as the basis and subsequent assignments,

[2] Prepare a -word paper describing your selected research issue, opportunity, or problem. Include [3] a definition of your selection using quantifiable measures. Finally, [4] describe a business research process that you would follow for addressing or finding a solution to your selected issue, opportunity, or problem.

The given topic is ?the temperature in your hometown over the course of a month.? Please use data specifically for Clifton Heights, Pennsylvania.

Here's some helpful links for accuweather

Here?s the month of August for my hometown:

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Title: Nostalgia

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Essay Instructions: -Read Colson Whitehead, extract from The Colossus of New York.
-Read Zoshchenko memoir.

The essay is:
Write about some aspect of your hometown (that you care about a lot), using as much speci?c detail as Whitehead uses about New York.
My home is London so I need to write about London, I have already started so here is a brief idea of what I have started.
I must NOT refer to the author but write like the author.

I find it interesting how both Whitehead and I can remember almost every detail of those really early memories; ?my first city memory is of looking out a subway window as the train erupted from the tunnel on the way to 125th Street and palsied up onto the elevated tracks?? Why and how have things changed so rapidly? How is it that I can barely remember what I did and where I went yesterday or the day before?
Whiteheads, urban nostalgia brought back memories to many traditional places that are close and dear to my heart that I am privileged to live through. My fondest memories of London, my own version of the ?real? London, were in my early years, when life seemed so simple and where my hometown seemed so tiny ? I always felt so content with its simplicity. There was always that one pub my family and I went to on Sundays, that one park I always played in right by the cemetery and that one sweetshop on the corner of the high street, where my parents would spoil me if I had been behaving well - how it made me smile from ear to ear every time we approached it. Even the idea of shopping felt easy, as there were only three shops that we had in mind if ever we needed anything. Everything seemed easy. I don?t know how or when it happened but my London started to charge.
At the age of 9, that favorite sweetshop of mine was converted into an estate agent. My heart almost breaks every time I walk past ?Savills ? the capital?s property experts?. What used to be there truly had the best traditional vanilla fudge, my memories are the only thing that enable me to relive those moments where nothing else mattered once I had a bite of heaven (for ?1.50). Further, I only just noticed the other day that the local fish and chip stand, one of London?s most famous was demolished and turned into extra car park bays. Even shopping got complicated, I never really feel like I know where I am going with regards to shopping. The place to find what you?re looking for is now Oxford Street. One need only walk down it to feel as though it?s the definition of chaos and manic shoppers. I remember first walking down the street, I was pushed and shoved, there was no concept of personal space. And where I could not even hear myself think, due to the sirens barking down my ear. Even my local seemingly high street had become invaded with more shops, restaurants, offices and local businesses. However, I am very thankful that all the noise seems to dramatically fade when I go back to my local park where the only noise comes from the sound of the leaves, the drizzle of rain and that sound of a squirrel climbing a tree. The issue of having a memory of something is twofold. On the one hand it allows us to go back in time and re-live those beautiful moments but on the other hand it is upsetting to be able to stand in the same place to only find the modernization and consumption of societies current needs.

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Title: Self check questions on indexes

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Essay Instructions: 1. Use an Infotrac database to find a review of your favorite video.

Subject heading:

2. What have reviewers said about The Big Burn: Teddy Roosevelt and the Fire That Saved America by Timothy Egan?


3. I need a Halloween poem for my newsletter. Do you know of a
short one?
Access Point:

4. Find your favorite poem in The Columbia Granger's Index to Poetry.
Do a title or first line search for the poem in the Title and First Line Index.

Your favorite poem:
Did you find it? How? (title or first line search)

Name at least one other poem by the same author?
Are there other poems on the same subject? ____ Yes ___ No
If yes, give the title of one.

5. What is the name of the hurricane that hit Florida in 1992? What part of Florida was damaged?

Date of information:

6. I would like to know if the whole language approach to teaching
reading is an effective approach. Could you recommend two articles?

Source (Date, Vol., Page)

Source: (Date, Vol., Page)

7. My debate class is arguing the pros and cons of wolf recovery in Yellowstone Park. Do you have a recent article on this subject?


8. Is your town’s newspaper indexed in Newsbank? (My hometown newspaper is The Sidney Herald, Sidney, MT) If yes, what is the name of it?
If no, what newspaper in which town close to the one you live in is indexed in it? (Would the Billings Gazette or Great Falls Tribune be in this?)

For each topic in the next two questions,
a. Write the name of the periodical index that you think will list articles about the topic.
b. Find the topic in the index and give the subject heading used in the index to list articles about the topic.

9. Federal aid to education

10. Learning disabled children

Customer is requesting that (FreelanceWriter) completes this order.

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Title: Why I have chosen to pursue a medical degree

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Essay Instructions: I know this is pretty long but it is like a little bio. I don?t want you to fix this thing I wrote I would appreciate If you used the information provided to formulate something better. All I am trying to say is my motivation for becoming a doctor is based on the horrific images of the sick children I encountered during the war. The underprivileged children overseas and the realization that there are underprivileged children in my hometown, has given me a goal in life to become a doctor and help the underprivileged. I don?t know if any of this makes sense but hopefully it does. The essay Why I have chosen to pursue a medical degree?, has to be exactly 1 page double spaced.

As a child, the dreams of becoming the Apprentice or a Survivor never cross are minds . Instead we dream of saving the world like are favorite super hero. With age, those dreams fade., our focus in life becomes geared by money. Are aspirations turn towards fame and fortune. For most children that was the case but for me those dreams never faded. As far back as I can remember I had one focus in life, to help those around me.
When the time arose to attend college I was unable to select a career path. Everyone I knew had plans of becoming an accountant or banker. Those just didn?t seem right for me. How could I truly help someone as a banker, give them free checking. I felt like I was destined for great things in life but what I didn?t know. Unable to come to a conclusion, I decided I would make the ultimate sacrifice, I would help those around me by proudly serving my country.
Upon graduation from the United States Merchant Marine Academy I was sent to serve aboard the USNS Arctic. At the time the world was in a state of chaos, the U.S. and Iraq were on the brink of war, and terrorism had become a worldwide fear. As a result, my vessels schedule was about to change and unexpectedly so was my life. On March 19, 2003 the U.S. and coalition forces began conducting military operations against the nation of Iraq. Over a period of approximately 4 months I witnessed death and destruction first hand.
Occasionally my ship would pull into port and I would walk the nearby streets of the Middle Eastern nations. Throughout my journeys I would encounter the most extraordinary people. Women and children whose lives had been destroyed by years of war. The images of these sick/dying children began to continuously pass through my mind. These children required medical attention but due to the state of their nations economy, were not receiving it. Then it hit me, it was people like this I should be helping, the one?s who truly need help. As I thought about the matter, I realized there are underprivileged children back home who require medical attention just as these children did. At that moment I discovered my calling, I wanted to be a doctor. I made a silent promise to myself that I would reach that goal and help those who need it most. Although I have received medals for my service, the effect the war has had on my life has been far more rewarding. Some people go their whole life wondering what they want to be luckily I realized my dream at such a young age. It truly is unfortunate that it took horrific images to help guide me on my path in life, but everything happens for a reason. It is those images of the children that give me the motivation everyday to attain my goal.

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